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Windows 7

Microsoft support for windows 7 Will End in one year

Microsoft just made it clear that it will not be providing the extended support for Windows 7 beyond January 14, 2020. The users are...

Now you can re-share Instagram posts to your Stories

Instagram has officially launched a new feature, that will allow the users to share posts on their stories as a sticker either directly from their...

New Whatsapp Update Here is all you need to know about it

These days everyone is connected to each other through a social media platform Whatsapp. Whatsapp groups have enabled its users to create separate groups...

Bad Tweets and trolls will be hidden from your Twitter account

Twitter recently announced in its Blog post that it will hide those tweets and trolls that negatively impact the health of the conversation. Such...

Instagram to reveal soon if you are an Instagram “addict”

A new feature is going to be introduced by Instagram that will allow the users to manage the time they spend on the app.  You...
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