The complexity in the hacking techniques is becoming stronger than one’s thought. These complexities lead the hackers to go what they never wondered to do. They are hacking into the gravest and most delicate data platforms in the world.

In the mid of 2017, a renowned cyber reporting company named Risk Based Security RBS, based in Richmond Virginia delivered a report which gathered the information of 2,227 incidents of data breaches happened till the mid of 2017. These cracks allowed the hackers to steal up to 6 billion of records. The amount is more than the total medical and financial record stolen in the past year.

The Executive Vice President of the reporting company Inga Goddijn said on this account,

Executive Vice President Inga Goddijn

“It is stunning to see the steady increase in the number of breaches impacting one million or more records. In the first six months of 2013, 2014 and 2015, the number of these large breaches hovered in the mid-teens. Last year we saw that number jump to 28, and now, for the first six months of this year, we’re tracking 50 such incidents.”


The RBS further reported that phishing (a technique used to exploit) is boosting up for stealing the jobs and tax related data. In the past year, there were about 160 phishing attacks. This number is increased to 25% till the mid of 2017.

The Executive VP of the company added:

“While news of politically motivated foreign interference in election systems continues to dominate the headlines, the breach activity we are tracking this year is a stark reminder of just how many data compromise financial gain motivates incidents. As long as information can be quickly monetized and systems remain vulnerable to attack, we should not expect to see any slowdown in breach activity.”

Ransomware victims paid $25 million

Ransomware attacks are getting augmented as they were in the past. Nobody is safe whether you are an Institute or an individual, a government body or you belong to a medical center. The deadly examples in the enlargement of these attacks are WannaCry Ransomware etc.

The research directed by the University of San Diego, NY University, Tandon School of Engineering, Chainalysis and the tech giant Google shows that the victims of ransomware are paying a lot to the hackers. It added that in 34 families of ransomware, few were benefited by the victims. A family named Locky earned the huge $8.85 million by the victims. Another ransomware program like Cerber made $6.9 million.

The initial ransomware program i.e. Locky attacked the users with their encryption and payment systems which helped the ransomware to scatter quickly all around the world.

The New York University’s Prof. Damon McCoy said that the Locky ransomware is having a large benefit:

Locky just focused on building the malware and support infrastructure. Then they had other botnets spread and distribute the malware, which was much better at that end of the business.”

Three months back, the cyber security company Samyntec reported the Americans are the number one target for these hackers as well as they are paying a large ransom to the cyber criminals.

People who are the target of hackers, pay the ransom due to lack of knowledge towards ransomware decryption programs. Moreover, in the recent news, it is stated that the Federal Board of Investigation FBI boosts to pay ransom when they found their system infected.

Last year, cyber security giants started No More Ransomware initiative aiming at unlocking and anti encrypting user data for absolutely free. It is highly notable for a person not to pay ransom to these criminals. Ask for the help from the cyber security giants to stop this curse spreading all over the world.

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