Instagram has permeated the social media scene. Getting Instagram-famous is the next step for anyone looking to get ahead in today’s competitive world. The platform allows people to share their work and ideas with an audience and provides a straightforward format that can make your content seem life-like and enthralling. You can use an Instagram video editor to create a successful Instagram video. It is not difficult, and this article will outline the steps you need to take and strategies you can use to prepare for the venture.

Here are 9 Easy Tips To Make the best Instagram Videos:

  1. Find Your Angle

Find the most interesting angle of your subject, or be creative when framing shots. If you want to capture something uniquely, try taking a step back and changing the angle you’re capturing. You’ll have more information in the shot, and it allows you to showcase your subject from a different perspective. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your shots until you find one that feels natural for what you’re after. Be sure to frame your shots to leave plenty of room around them, so they don’t feel confined or crowded.

  1. Use Good Lighting

Instagram videos look best when they are easy on the eyes and have decent lighting throughout. If you’re filming outside and the sun is setting, make sure that there is still good lighting. You can use your smartphone to illuminate a scene with a flashlight app. If you do not want the footage to look grainy, make sure that the lighting level is high enough so that it doesn’t overexpose any part of what you’re recording. Keep your shots simple if you have less-than-perfect lighting – this will help reduce the chance of introducing distractions into your video.

  1. Make Your Audio Clear

There are many ways to make sure that your audio sounds clear in an Instagram video. For example, if you have a flat microphone close to your mouth and you are speaking, the other person will still hear what you are saying. While you speak, you can avoid this by placing something in your mouth, such as a straw or a toothpick. This will help amplify the noise of what you are saying so that it is audible to the audience. If you want your video to be louder, use headphones when filming, or turn up your earbuds on a smartphone app. For high-quality sound quality, use a microphone with a windscreen. This will help avoid background sounds and other distractions that can be heard in an Instagram video, such as people walking by or traffic outside of your scene.

  1. Keep It Short and Sweet

It is best to keep Instagram videos short and sweet. Try to limit the time it takes you to create your video so that the audience doesn’t get bored. Videos that are three minutes or longer are likely not getting the attention they deserve. You can also try adding music if your video is longer than two minutes. This will help decrease the length of your video without making it appear rushed or awkward. Use a photo app to create a slideshow with pictures as you talk over them, instead of adding them in at the end during editing, making it feel sloppy.

  1. Start the Video With a Jump (cuts)

Cutting from one scene to another can be tricky, especially if you’ve never edited a video or put music over it. This is where the jump cut comes into play. You can also use your phone rotation to make it feel as if the video has skipped ahead, which will make it feel like you’re speeding up the process of creating your Instagram video. If you are having trouble with this, try making multiple recordings at once using an Instagram video editor that supports this feature – then they can all be edited together later.

  1. Use Music to Create A Mood

Music can have a huge effect on your Instagram video and help to draw in viewers. You can do this by using a piece of music that is upbeat as the background for your video. You can also use music to help convey a mood. One example of this is using a slow song for scenes during the evening or late at night. You can also use soft piano music, or even rain sounds over parts of your video to make them feel like an extension of your photo-sharing process.

  1. Be Careful When Filming at Night

When you are filming at night, it is best to avoid filming directly into lights or other bright sources since it will cause a reflection on your screen and make it more difficult for you to see what’s happening before you start recording. You can also reduce the amount of light you see using a phone app with a dimmer or screen adjustment setting. You can make your video look more professional by using one of these tools to help darken your screen so that you don’t have to worry about any lights or reflections ruining your shot.

  1. Use a Tripod

Creating an Instagram video with impressive visual effects makes using a tripod much easier. You can use a tripod for filming outdoors and use the stabiliser function so that there are no vibrations as you hold it during filming. Using this device creates a smoother shot and allows you to film subjects at night and in low-light scenarios without getting camera shakes in the video.

  1. Add Captions

The last thing that you will want to do is add captions to your Instagram video so that viewers know what’s going on. You can upload a title and description for your video the same way you would with an image, so people know where the video is from, who it’s about, and what it’s about.

With quality tips like those above, you’ll be able to create great Instagram videos that will help you get more likes, views, and followers on this platform. These tips are all easy enough for anyone to follow and can make a huge difference in promoting your business or sharing information with friends and family.


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