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Anonymous Browsers: Here is the of top 5 anonymous browsers that will protect your privacy and will not spy upon your search history. The reason that most people don’t know much about anonymous browsers is that common people don’t need anonymous browsers in their daily life. Anonymous browsers are mostly used by journalist, Advertisers, Marketers, hackers, and etc.

No doubt Google Chrome is considered to be one of the popular browsers around the world. While if we talk about security it cannot be considered to be the most secure browser that can be trusted completely.

Google is the one that should be blamed for the trust issues that we have been seeing lately. If you are using google then you must also know that Google basically spies on its users as its business model for targetted advertising.

Moreover, users have similar concerns with all of them including Chrome, Edge, and Safari. You should consider the fact that there is a significant difference between privacy and security.

It is very difficult to hack all of the above-mentioned browsers and they also provide protection against the potential web exploitations.

We can consider them to be secure, while we cannot trust any of these browsers not to sell your private data to other companies for the sake of earning profits.

What is a Secure Browser?

Almost all of the browsers are claiming to be the most secure browser these days. The mainstream desktop browsers have been transformed due to the availability of a wide range of features including download protection, URL filtering, and the ‘do not track’.

Today the users are more aware of the specialized products that are now focusing on user privacy, opting out of the data collection systems and handling back control to the user.

While the true essence of a secure system is to create a minimalistic experience for the users by removing all of the non-essential features.

The vast amount of users data can be easily exploited by most of the browsers unless they are properly configured.

These browsers have your Login credentials, Browsing history, Cookies and trackers, and Autofill information.

Even if you are using the best VPN service that is available online, these browsers can still expose your identity.

In fact, it is a crucial task to choose the right browser for you keeping in mind the privacy and security concerns.

Users are increasingly looking for alternatives to Google Chrome and they are well aware that these popular browsers don’t promise to protect your real privacy.

It is worth mentioning that a secure browser is the one that protects the privacy of its users from third parties.

Are you interested in finding out about the most secure browsers? Here is a list of the top free browsers that will protect your privacy.

Top Free Browsers That Will Protect Your Privacy

Let see the ultimate list of anonymous browsers below.

1). Tor

Anonymous Browsers

Tor browser is designed specifically for providing secure access to the Tor network. You can use this browser to anonymously browse the web. It allows users to maximize their security by anonymously browsing the internet. Its allows opting for an extra layer of privacy while you are interested in accessing Facebook in a more secure setting.

Features of Tor

  • Open source browser
  • Regular updates for security issues
  • Protects against browser fingerprinting
  • Hardened Firefox’s version

Download: Tor

Learn: How to use Tor Browser

2). Brave Browser

Anonymous Browsers

Brave is popular among the users due to the fact that it is open source browser that is chromium-based as well. It is equipped with a built-in ad blocker and it is known to be fast, secure, and very privacy-focused by default. It comes with a built-in script blocker, tracking protection, and HTTPS-Everywhere functionality. Brave offers WebRTC leak protection and one-click anti-fingerprinting. The browser has been developed by an ex-Mozilla developer. Brave is the best option for those who are looking for the out of the box privacy and security. Brave is considered to be the most secure browser to be used on all operating systems including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Features of Brave

  • Built-in script blocker
  • Browser fingerprinting protection
  • Automatic HTTPs upgrading
  • Ad blocking and tracking

Download: Brave Browser

3). Firefox

Anonymous Browsers

Firefox is considered to be one of the most popular browsers in terms of security and privacy. Firefox is preferred for providing strong privacy protection features, excellent security, customization options, an active development team, and regular updates.

Firefox Quantum is the recently launched version of Firefox that has various customization options and is known to be a lightweight and fast browser. The best part is you can always enhance your security privacy by using various browser extensions that can be enabled easily.

It is developed by a non-profit organization Mozilla Foundation, that has an annual revenue worth of $400m. It also plans to offer the built-in protection against canvas fingerprinting very soon.

It also allows you to separate your browsing life by using the new Containers feature. You can now run each of your tabs as a self-contained sandbox. End-to-end encrypted synchronization of tabs across devices and browsers is also supported by Firefox.

It will not only allow you to open tabs to multiple Facebook accounts at the same time but also helps prevent tracking as well.

Features of Firefox

  • Various privacy add-ons
  • Fully audited and open source
  • Regular security updates for bugs
  • Fully featured
  • Built-in tracking protection

Download: Firefox 

How to make Firefox completely anonymous with the help of extension?

Privacy is a major concern these days due to the increasing worldwide cyber attacks. Do you think that your browser is safe and secure enough to protect your privacy?

Do you have any idea about the number of websites that are collecting your private data without any consent? Is your browser taking any actions to stop it? Most of the times the answer is no!!

Firefox is a reputed open source browser that is trusted by users all over the world. But you need to have some other things that are required even by an open source operating system.

A lot of security add-ons exist online but you need to have the one that best suits your privacy needs. Firefox has been built keeping in mind the privacy needs of the users.

You will be able to find hundreds of Firefox extensions and you can choose the one that can help you in customizing your browser and meeting your specific needs.

We have put together a list of some of the best known Firefox extensions. All of these add-ons have been developed to increase your anonymity in unique ways.

  1. Firefox Multi-account Containers
  2. Facebook Container
  3. HTTPs Everywhere
  4. Ghostery
  5. Disconnect
  6. Disconnect for Facebook 
  7. uMatrix
  8. KeeFox
  9. Duckduck Go Privacy Essentials 
  10. Privacy Possum

4). Waterfox

Anonymous Browsers

Waterfox is considered to be the fork of an open source browser Firefox. It is known to be the best among all other forks of Firefox. It is perfect for those who are interested in getting rid of Firefox without giving up on its functionality. By default, Waterfox is known to be a lot better option. It is trusted by most of the Ex-Firefox users who have recently ditched Firefox due to privacy concerns. While, as Firefox offers faster updates it is considered to be the slightly better than the Firefox in terms of the security.

Features of Waterfox

  • An Opensource browser
  • Allows older Firefox add-ons to be used
  • Has ESR security patches & based on Firefox 56
  • Comparatively slower security updates and less active development
  • Removal of data collection, Tracking, startup profiling, sponsored tiles, and telemetry

Download: Waterfox

5). Pale Moon

Anonymous Browsers

Pale Moon is known to be an older version of Firefox ànd is actually another open source fork of Firefox. It has compatibility with classic Firefox add-ons. Pale Moon has a huge add-ons library that has been for the browser specifically. Unlike the modern Firefox, any privacy invading features are not offered by Pale Moon. Work is under progress to provide full support for HTML5 and CSS3. The browser can be used by Linux and Windows users.

Features of Pale Moon

  • Lightweight browser
  • Customization
  • Regular security updates
  • Community-based & open source
  • Classic Firefox add-ons compatibility

Download: Pale Moon

Final Verdict

You must be someone who cares about privacy. In this article, we have highlighted the top 5 Free Browsers That Will Protect Your Privacy in 2019.

Almost all of the browsers that have been mentioned above are security focused and opensource as well. You can trust them to stay protected while surfing the internet.

They are far better than the typical browsers including Chrome, Safari, and Edge as far as user’s privacy is concerned.

As these standard browsers have a lot of security issues these days, you can use all of these browsers as an alternative option.

Firefox can be trusted since most of the reputed browsers have real issues these days. Even though you might need to put some effort into setting up your browser but each effort that you put together is worth it.

I personally find Firefox to be my browser on a daily basis. The browser is fully featured, fast, and secure one that really cares about your privacy concerns.

So, which browser do you prefer for online privacy and anonymity? Let us know in the comment section below if you think that any other browser deserves to be included in this category.


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