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Geekviews Co-founder and a tech journalist, He keep a close eye on Cybersecurity. Get in touch with him at: [email protected]
how to create linux bootable usb

How to create linux bootable usb

Learn how to create Linux bootable USB with these simple six steps: First, why you need to create a Linux bootable USB i.e Pendrive Linux?  When...
best linux distro for beginners

Top 10 best linux distro for beginners— 2019 Edition

In in this article, you will learn about the best Linux Distributions which are best for beginners. Which Linux distro is best for beginners?...
Best java ide for mac

Best Java ide for Mac, Windows, and Linux with code auto...

There are many IDEs available for the most popular programming language java used to develop web, mobile, enterprise, embedded and desktop apps since decades,...
kali linux commands

Kali linux Commands Complete List — Kali Linux Commands PDF

Here is an easy to read list of the Kali Linux Commands in alphabetical order. You should bookmark this Article which will help you...
hacking tool beginner

Top 5 hacking tools beginners must know about

Here is the list of Top 5 hacking tools for beginners.This list will tell you about the best software used for hacking purposes featuring port scanners,...

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