Geek List Best Android Television Box To Buy 2017

Best Android Television Box To Buy 2017


An Android TV box has the capability to alter any TV into a smart TV, giving users entree to TV shows, online sports, and films as well as a mass of apps and games. The scheme can also perform music and gives a Web browser for access to the Internet. In order to use the welfares of an Android TV box. In simple words, Android TV box can change your TV in to Android device filled with entertainment. Leave the costly cable from the operators and satellite TV Business and start possibly saving thousands of dollars a year without dropping access to all your preferred games, TV shows and movies.

There are loads of Android television boxes in the market but in this tutorial we will show you the best one (paid). These master Android boxes mark it effortless to cut the string by flowing all your favorite content in HD quality on the big screen.


Top 8 Android TV Boxes 2017.


1- Amazon Fire TV:

An amazing all-rounder for HD TV. Amazon’s Fire TV might not appear like an Android device at earliest peek, but under Amazon’s traditional interface beats Google’s working structure. Because it runs on Android, you can simply install Kodi on Amazon Fire TV and load any other application for the purpose. You can find older, inexpensive, replicas of Amazon Fire TV on the shopping giant eBay or through other shops but, if you buy from Amazon (original one) you’ll be getting the 2016 model.


Quad core, 2GB Ram, 8 GB internal storage, Expandable Storage, Up to 4K HD Display, High Performance Games, Wi-Fi, Remote console.


Starting from 79.99


2- Nvidia Shield Pro

It has 2015 model which was one of the best in its time. With the all-new 2017 model, Nvidia has achieved to pack in even more while plummeting the device’s size, rushing in a remote and repairing its Bluetooth gaming controller in the course. If you want to play games then this device is worth buying with pure HD streaming and ultimate Android flexibility. It is powered by the unbelievable Tegra X1 mobile chip which results in the best 4K video. The 2017 model may have detached microSD putting but as it now runs on the latest Android 7 Nougat you can connect USB 3 external drive which will become your internal storage as well. It may be little expensive likened to other devices on the market, but everybody knows that Nvidia is the king in resolutions and graphics.


Latest Android Version Nougat, 500 GB Drive, 3GB RAM, 4K HDR 60FPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Game Console.


Starting from £284.50 (approx.)


3- Minix Neo U9-H

This android TV box is breaking the ground in 2017. Get ready for the definitive home theater involvement with MINIX NEO U9-H. NEO U9-H gives the user a vast variety of the most popular file set-ups, so you get the liberty to enjoy all your media on the big screen. With up to 60 fps, NEO U9-H brings smooth, receptive, crystal-clear quality for the best TV experience. Connect NEO U9-H to a 4K TV and joy in the continuous visual of 4K Ultra HD with popcorns. It also brings the full-theater sound to your lounge. It aids the user with Dolby Audio, vibrant sound feature that brings performing to life. Say goodbye to buffering, stammering or hanging with the best Minix Neo U9-H.


2GB RAM, 16GB built (with microSD), Octa-Core processor, Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, Wi-Fi, 4K HD display, Dolby Audio, Airplay, Headphone enabled.

Starting from £126.99

4- SkyStream One

Grounded on the Am logic S905 chipset, the SkyStream One supports a modern powder-white case and a glassy new launcher sitting on top of Android 5.1.1. The SkyStream One has an acquainted “square with rounded edges” case found on almost every Android box ever made, but it is covered in a powder white finish. Slightly than merger in, the white color arrangement tight distinctions with everything else in your TV stand. This could be a good or a bad thing, dependent on you. People can like it for the design or hate it because of manufacturing. It appeals just enough courtesy to be recognizable. New Backlit Air Mouse Remote in the SkyStream One not only gives you the contact to every movie, TV show and sporting event, but you will also have a sleek Airmouse to switch the pointer by simply moving your hand. The Airmouse features a console on the back so typing is a breeze.


Airmouse, Quad Core, 2GB Ram, 16 GB Storage, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, External Storage, 4K HD Display.


Starting from $169.99


5- Google Chrome Cast Ultra.

This is one of cheapest android TV box in the market .There’s almost no disproving it: Chromecast Ultra gives one of the best results for streaming video devices for 4K TV proprietors. If you are considering for dominant, fast streaming in a device size of your hand or even less, then go for the one and only Google Chrome Cast Ultra. Stream in up to 4K Ultra HD on the big screen with spectacular picture and whirlwind haste. Google Chrome Cast ultra is a streaming device that connects into your TV’s HDMI port. It enables the user to experience fast, reliable performance with minimum buffering and flat streaming. You can control everything from your phone.


Easy to handle, 4k HD display, Android 4.1 or above, connects with HDMI port, Wi-Fi, Cheap, Built-in Ethernet adapter.


Starting from £69*


6- Rveal RT5

Visualize watching the same thing every time in the year. You might love it at first but you will get bored and will start to get rid of it. That is accurately where Rveal Streaming Media Player RT5 derives into the depiction. Having Rveal RT5, you won’t have to criticize about tedious content again. It offers the users to enjoy the richest assembling of TV shows, live channels, international programs, premium networks, music and even games. In a nutshell, if you need to convert your TV set into an enormous library of your favorite channels, movies and games, Rveal RT5 is the device you need. With the best 4K display, Rveal RT5 gives loads of features to its users. With Rveal RT5, you’ll never have to say ‘There’s nothing on TV’ again.


4K Ultra HD display, Quad Core, Airmouse, Wi-Fi, Voice Command, Bluetooth, 2GB Ram, 8GB Storage (extendable), Android 5.1.1 Lollipop.

Starting from $299.00


7- Kukele S912

Kukele is another Android box in our list with ultimate features and powerful technology. Kukele S912 has no restrictions. With SUPER EASY SET UP and indefinite streaming feature on this TV box, you can stream all apps like Netflix, Hulu, HBO and more with no buffering no waiting. The warranty with Kukele S912 comes with the best response. It has auto update feature to make your set up smooth and charming. This device offers the life changing experience with it ultra 4K HD display. You can convert your lounge into cinema , have the best gaming experience alongside incredible sound, fast and user-friendly streaming with the ultimate Kukele S912.


4K Ultra HD display, Keyboard, Remote console, Wi-Fi, 2GB Ram, 16 GB storage, Octa-core processor, Android 6.0 Marshmallow.


Starting from $129.99



8. WeTek Core

WeTek Core is another one in the list with best streaming quality. You can watch IPTV, Movies and TV Shows though calming on your sofa. This box delivers all the entertainment you are looking for. You can watch your favored TV channels in the best HD 4K quality. Grab your popcorn and enjoy online movies with your desired apps with WeTek Core. You can listen to Music from your playlist. Wetek is also a backer of both the KODI and Open ELEC foundations, so this Extreme HD TV Box is a cracking media streamer. WeTek core enables you to enjoy the best quality shows, movies, games, music and much more with one time investment. With WeTek Core, you can also use Aptoide to access the list of best optimized application for extreme TV experience.


4K Ultra HD Display, 8GB Storage (extendable), 2GB Ram, Quad Core processor, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Android 5.1 Lollipop, Remote Console.


Starting from £115.33