Google Play Store is the market for all the application and service you need for your pocket smartphone. Hundreds of thousands of applications whether these applications belong to social, camera apps, editors, widgets, office work, music etc. application are being used by the android users all around the world. Rooting generally means modifying and enabling the device for user’s personal customization. It’s true that rooting your device has developed less important these days than the years back but there are still sufficient reasons to root your device. It enhances functionality that unrooted devices can’t have. It fundamentally has an own genre of apps. There are loads of motives you may want to root your Android phone. You can get else unavailable apps, get free from pre-installed crapware application, boost the battery life and upsurge your phone’s processing power. In short, you can modify your android phone into you desired a phone with tons of application. In this tutorial, we will enlist the best application you can get on rooted android phones.

Top 12 Applications for Rooted Android Devices:

All the applications come with excellent features, defined in explanation


1- Greenify

You must download and install Greenify in case you want to increase your phone’s battery performance. This application is unquestionably best android app for rooted android phone users who like to have a decent battery drain-control. With personal experience of Greenify, I’ll recommend it to every battery lover user.  Greenify tells the user about apps operating in the background and how many times it awakens up your device. This application also features the user an option to sleep the background running apps to increase the battery life of your Android device. By using Greenify, you can protect both RAM and battery juice concurrently. On the whole, this application is rid of bad battery life and it will also increase presentation and variability of your android phone.

2- Lucky Patcher:

Lucky Patcher is a rooted android device application which gives you the control to install other application on your android phone. For it, you have to go through the process of rooting the android device and then you can modify the permissions and restoring the applications. You can even apply circumvent license verification for apps. Features offered by Lucky Patcher includes removing irritating ads from apps and games. It can vanish the verification of premium application. All application is for free no need to purchase them. You can remove any application from the android device for free. One thing should be noted before using Lucky Patcher that backs up your whole data so in the case of any problem you can have the backup. Lucky Patcher can also remove the Google Ads. Absolute killer application for rooted android devices.

3- Viper4Android

Tactlessly, it is not promising on mainstream Android phones to about control different audio devices linked with your phone. You can only switch the volume of the playback and add simple effects to music. With the progressive root entree that you get after rooting your phone connecting Viper4Android is calm. You can handle the playback through phone speakers, headset, Bluetooth device or any other acoustic gear you attach to the phone.

Viper4Android is an audio lab for your Android device. It gives the user an audio driver which enhances prettiness to the sound you hear over the phone. Loads of additional things and bass boost are available on Viper4Android, which you can discover the new horizons of auditory earshot.

 4- Adblock Plus:

Everybody in the world is irritated due to useless ads on their favorite applications. You cannot do your work properly due to these little displays. This problem is minimized by Adblock Plus. AdBlock Plus is an open source application. It completely erases the ads from the device. Root users insist for this one but we internet freaks don’t like it, but we’ve recognized that folks really do discover this app valuable. This one is configurable so that some unremarkable commercials get over. The app is also lightly configurable. It’s not accessible on the Google Play Store but it is definitely among the best root apps. The application is an absolute killer of all the irritating marketing on the device.

5- Dumpster

Ever regretted deleted your only file on the Android device or accidentally erased an important document? Well, this issue is now solved for all the users with rooted Android devices. The ultimate application Dumpster is here to assist you with its services. Dumpster basically acts like a recycle bin on your Android device. After installing this application on your Android device, all the deleted files and erased data does not go missing but on the first click, it goes to the dumpster.  It stores files of different types including music, images, and videos the most. But you can recover documents as well. It will take you out from the frustration of deleting the file, whether deleted by your kids or mistakenly by yourself. All of your data is safe with dumpster.

6- Link2SD

Gamers face the huge problem on Android devices when it comes to data storage. With best graphical games, you probably need a huge storage tank. In this purpose, Link2SD serves the best. This application for the rooted Android devices save the gigantic .obb files of the games on your microSD card with no time. As you must be attentive to the fact that Android OS does not permit us to transfer all the apps to SD card because it desired to store. But you can install the Link2SD app to transfer most of the apps to memory card from phone storage. However, the short data Apk files remain in the phone storage. This is a true application for all the gamers and application curiosities in the town.

7- DPI Changer

Here is an application named DPI Changer which is used to adjust the PPI or DPI of one’s phone screen. Improvement of the illustrations is one reason why this program has been successful, appealing to all gaming users. The DPI changer helps the user to increase and beautify the screen. Pixel per inch is increased. The color contrast and sharpness on the face of the android device is doubled with DPI changer.

8- SuperSU

SuperSU is the top manager application for the rooted Android devices. It grips all root or super user entree which means that any application try installing on your phone firstly has to contact SuperSU to gain admittance permissions. SuperSU lets you award or reject permission to any application requesting system rights. It is a very valuable tool that intentions to replace any additional application you were using to manage your super user privileges, offering a nearby interface with many very interesting features. SuperSU is a welcoming security protector which walks tenderly and carries a vast stock.

9- X-posed Framework:

X-posed Framework is an application for the rooted androids which can work with a framework for modules that can change the behavior of the system and apps without touching any APKs. It means that the modules inside the android devices can work in all the versions without changing the related settings. Easy to use and maintain, this application can make your mobile device back into original condition with one touch of deactivating and restarting the device. This application has the capability to customize your phones look. You can manage everything on the android device without any trouble in ROM.

10- System App Remover

System App Remover permits the users to uninstall bloatware and other system applications which are not useful to you from their devices. Extra apps by producers called bloatware damages device performance and can’t be erased easily without such an application. It also agrees users uninstall user-installed apps, move apps to SD card, etc. System App Remover wants to help you immediately eliminate apps from the homepage

11- Titanium Backup

This app is a portion of Android root application serving users to uninstall the applications that come from the manufacturer, removes issues with hanging apps, and allows you to back up your data. Backups are an important part of any rooted phone owners list. And backup keys don’t get much better than Titanium Backup, particularly once you’re rooted. Before you start investigating into system mods, ROMs, and other tweaks, it’s always a good impression to do a full back up before you proceed, just in case things go wild. Titanium takes the pain out of making and handling backups.

12- Quick Boot

Are a die-hard CWM Recovery user and dear to flash Custom ROMs, Kernels and tweaks? Everyone knows it is very sore to boot into recovery mode by using numerous Keys Combo. As, the normal power menu of a phone includes the Power off option, occasionally the Reboot and Flight type options as well. Restart to recovery mode is constantly missing particularly if you are a STOCK ROM user. So here is the best direct recovery boot application which helps you to go to recovery menu within seconds. With Quick Boot, you can bring the control menu to an entirely new level by injecting Reboot to Recovery and Restart to bootloader as well. This application has two version with awesome features. Both paid and free versions have their own perks.