Best apps you won't find in the play store

Here is the list of 7 best apps you won’t find in the play store. These apps may not follow the Google play store guidelines but they have amazing features other apps don’t have.

Google Play Store may be the largest market of online applications and games. Google Play store works on all the android devices around the world gives you millions of application varieties but surely! There are some applications which you cannot find on the Google Play Store. These applications serve their best for the users but missing on the Play Store. Let’s take a look what are the best android apps not in play store.

Best apps you won’t find in the play store


Best apps you won't find in the play store

This app will let you download music and audio files in good quality 320kbs. It will also help you to organize your music as they come with prefilled correct metadata like artist, album, year, track, cover photo in it. It has the option to search song from the YouTube if it’s not available in app’s database, in fact, you can call it the best Android app to download songs

Download XTunes

Amazon App Store

Best apps you won't find in the play store

Amazon App sotre has the huge collection of free apps most of them are not avaiable on play store it is also considered as the best alternative to Google Play store.  Amazon Underground App for Android. Access the Amazon everything store, get popular apps and games, and download the Amazon Video player.

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Blackmart Alpha

Best apps you won't find in the play store

If you want to download premium Google Play store apps for free this app is the best you can use to get paid apps apk for free. This is one of the well known black market provider to download premium apss for free. This is one of the Best apps you won’t find in the play store.

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Best apps you won't find in the play store

Wi-fiKill is basically an application which refers to Wi-Fi network controller app. It enables the user to disable the internet connection of other devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Wi-Fi Kill is a useful tool for Wi-Fi internet users. By using Wi-Fi Kill the user can disconnect all the people who are belonging to the same network without hesitation. This application features a lot in disconnecting the random people, can give information about transfer rates of devices connected. It also aids names of devices connected to the same Wi-Fi. In fact, this application can see the activity of any device who’s connected to your Wi-Fi. Such an evil Application not on the Play store.

Download Wifi Kill

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X-posed Framework

Best apps you won't find in the play store

X-posed Framework is an application which can work with the framework for modules that can change the behavior of the system and apps without touching any APKs. It means that the modules inside the android devices can work in all the versions without changing the related settings. Easy to use and maintain, this application can make your mobile device back into original condition with one touch of deactivating and restarting the device. This application has the capability to customize your phones look. You can manage everything on the android device without any trouble in ROM. You cannot find this awesome designing tool on Google Play store.

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Best apps you won't find in the play store

In free cost, you can live stream the TV Shows, Movies and Videos by VideoMix. No application can replace VideoMix in competition because VideoMix is the application that costs the user nothing but attention.

There are many features offered by this application including download your favorites movies and shows, an unlimited and huge library of movies and TV shows for free, all videos under one application, online raters like IMDb ratings, Rotten Potatoes etc. Moreover, the downloadable files were in small size with great quality. Unfortunately, this application is no more with us.

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Best apps you won't find in the play store

TubeMate, a wild application used to download videos from world’s famous video website YouTube for free. This application gives the users what they want. Features included the downloading of YouTube videos in various formats and resolutions. You can also download videos from other video streaming websites like Vimeo, Dailymotion etc. with zero cash.

This simple and useful application is restricted to the Google Play Store.

Media River

Best apps you won't find in the play store

Media River, as the name says it all, is an application which gives you the ocean of media all under one roof. You can find your favorite music, books, applications, wallpaper for your Android smartphone. These applications enables the web publishers to guide the internet users and publish their content including videos, music, games, and pictures on Web Pages requiring the certificates of the desired Web Page. Media River is not on the Google Play store but you can find it’s Apk on different websites.

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Best apps you won't find in the play store

The famous open source application F Droid has the collection of all applications which are considered as open source. On F droid, all the application restricted by Play store can be found for free. Also some of the application in this article can be found on F Droid. The software and Apk of applications on F droid were original and pure. This application is totally opposite to that of BLACK MARKET and gives you what you want. Sadly, this awesome application is one of the Best apps you won’t find in the play store.

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Lucky Patcher

Best apps you won't find in the play store

Lucky Patcher topped the list of application not found on Google App store. Lucky Patcher is an android device application which gives you the control to install other application on your android phone. For it, you have to go through the process of rooting the android device and then you can modify the permissions and restoring the applications. You can even apply circumvent license verification for apps. Features offered by Lucky Patcher includes removing irritating ads from apps and games. It can vanish the verification of premium application. All applications are for free no need to purchase them. You can remove any application fro the android device for free. One thing should be noted before using Lucky Patcher that backs up your whole data so in the case of any problem you can have the backup. Lucky Patcher can also remove the Google Ads. Absolute killer but it is not available on the Play store.

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These are the Best apps you won’t find in the play store now read: Best Hacking Apps for Android



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