Best Bitcoin Hardware Wallets

Cryptocurrencies Are The Future Of Money. Invest In E-Wallets Today! We bring you a comprehensive and well-researched list of the best Bitcoin Hardware Wallets that you can buy online.

Cryptocurrencies started out as a test project for the implementation of digital currency that would revolutionize the way we carry out our day to day transactions, thus eventually wiping out any possible need for a paper-based currency in the future.

However, cryptocurrencies have already begun with their aggressive takeover of our markets and people have started investing in them. This investment comes not just as an experimental or a ‘plan B’ type of investment, but a real one.

Especially Bitcoin, the king of cryptocurrencies, has taken its place on the throne and it has become synonymous with digital currency already. While there are others too, Bitcoin leads them strongly.

As the years pass by, people have started taking cryptocurrencies seriously. This creates the need to buy dedicated hardware wallets for storing cryptocurrencies. These wallets may be built for storing only one type of cryptocurrency or multiple cryptocurrencies.

The Best Bitcoin Hardware Wallets list given below is detailed, but it is certainly not very strict and exhaustive. If you think it’s better to have a dedicated hardware platform independent of your mobile device for making Bitcoin payments, we suggest you read on to know better. The list will give you a faint idea as to what you may need when it comes to investing in a wallet.

Top Five Best Bitcoin Hardware Wallets That You Can Buy Online.

For the more dedicated and serious cryptocurrency enthusiasts who are dead serious about their digital currency investments, the list will provide detailed information about the Best Bitcoin hardware wallets available nowadays.

Ledger Nano S (Recommended)

Best Bitcoin Hardware Wallets

Although Ledger seems to be a new entrant in the Bitcoin wallet market, it has firmly established itself as a promising force right from the beginning, in fact, this is one of the most recommend hardware wallet by many cryptocurrency Geeks.

This hardware wallet comes with a built-in display that helps you to keep an eye on the transactions. The display eliminates the need for having an independent software platform to keep a check on your Bitcoin deposit account.

Now you can watch the number of Bitcoins being spent right in front of you on the screen. Also, while you attach your Bitcoin wallet to the Point-Of-Sale, you can also confirm the payment of the amount with the help of a button on the device.

This wallet also comes with an inherent security feature that does not let your confidential data leak out because it comes encrypted with robust security mechanism and is secured by a PIN code. So no one can carry on with the transaction unless they know the PIN code for the device.

You can also take a back-up of your account data on any other ledger device or even on another wallet, compatible with this one.

Ledger Nano S also supports other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Ripple. Litecoin, Dogecoin, Zcash, Dash, Stratis, Komodo, Ark, PoSW, ERC20 tokens.

I am personally using this hardware wallet you should give it a try.

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KeepKey Cryptocurrency Wallet

Best Bitcoin Hardware Wallets

Security is the most pivotal feature that any Bitcoin wallet must have. Keep Key is one of the high-security Bitcoin wallets in this list and hence also easiest to use. It uses high-grade data encryption technology that keeps your Bitcoin account data safe.

Also, if you lose your KeepKey wallet, you need not worry about losing your Bitcoins. You will be given a choice of entering a recovery sentence consisting of twelve words.

If you lose your Bitcoin wallet, all you have to do is enter the twelve-word sentence on an online interface and get back your device and its Bitcoins.

The device is also malware proof. Given that this device works on no operating system, viruses, keyloggers, and malware cannot infect the device since that particular layer is non-existent. Therefore, if hackers are giving you sleepless nights, worry no more.

Apart from Bitcoins, it also supports other cryptocurrencies such as Litecoins, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Testnet. It is compatible with multiple operating system platforms such as Mac, Linux, Android, and Windows. Also, it does not need any drivers to operate.

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TREZOR Bitcoin Wallet

Best Bitcoin Hardware Wallets

If you were to find the USP of the Trezor Bitcoin wallet, you would know that it is none other than its highly sophisticated security mechanism. This security mechanism is built to keep any sort of breaches and violations at bay from the device.

Given that a hardware device that houses digital currency data, it is likely that there could be attempts to breach the security passes.

This is why the device comes with a modern and highly powerful cryptographic algorithm to protect it from security breaches.

Also, the device is compatible with most of the device platforms such as Windows computers, OS X as well as Linux there are no chances that you will have compatibility issues with any Point-Of-Sale.

The wallet is also open source based, so the chances of seeing improved models based on this one are great.

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OPENDIME Bitcoin Stick

Best Bitcoin Hardware Wallets

The next one in our list of Best Bitcoin Hardware Wallets is OPENDIME. The most significant feature of this Bitcoin wallet is that it generates its own private key which is nearly impossible for any other person to know. Not even the owner.

With a simple functioning resembling an ordinary read-only flash-drive, this wallet works with most of the Point-Of-Sale hardware devices such as computers, phones, and laptops. The drive contains a QR image inside, along with a text file that contains the address of your Bitcoin.

The device nearly embodies your Bitcoins in their physical form. If you want to help your friends or family members with money, you can hand them over the device, and they are ready to use. The process is just like using physical money and does not involve any hassle such as miner fees or delays in confirmation.

This wallet is based on the very basic Bitcoin architecture/structure that has not changed for years. Hence any significant change that the Bitcoin market sees in the future, you don’t have to worry about the device not catching up with it.

Costing below one hundred dollars, this USB stick is a go-to option for those who are new to Blockchain science and want to try their hands are digital transactions.

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Ledger Blue Hardware wallet for Bitcoin

Best Bitcoin Hardware Wallets

This is the most expensive and high-end hardware wallet on the list. It is especially for those who are open to investing above four hundred dollars for their Bitcoin wallet to get those extra features.

This device is entirely a screen in itself, just like your smartphone. This feature makes it separate from other wallets on the list.

The device is Bluetooth and USB enabled and can easily work on any computer and smartphone. The device has got a sufficiently large touchscreen display that comes with a scratch-resistant glass and is covered with a sturdy cover.

The device also works on an operating system of its own. Installation of applications is easy and can be accessed with relative ease with the help of a quick-launch dashboard.

The Ledger Manager assists you in installing and removing apps. The Ledger Manager also upgrades from time to time.

Despite having an operating system of its own, your data is never compromised in any manner. The device comes with layers of security, data encryption systems and a ‘Secure Element’ that locks your data with a PIN code.

This wallet supports multiple cryptocurrencies apart from Bitcoin such as Ethereum, Zcash, Dogecoin, Dash Coin and Litecoin.

The question remains, who should buy this device? Or to put it the other way, why should one buy this device? The answer is, if you are someone who is looking for a hardware wallet that comes with an interface where you can interact with the software elements that manage your ledger, this is the universal wallet for you.

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So what’s next?

Given that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are surging ahead with each passing year, it makes sense that you not only educate yourself using digital currencies but also buy a universal wallet for accomplishing your transactions. Places like Canada, The Netherlands and certain parts of the United States such as California are leading the world in bringing cryptocurrencies to the mainstream. So if you frequently travel to these places, it makes more sense that you put your cryptocurrency knowledge to test by buying those wallets.

For A Software Currency, Go For A Hardware Wallet.

Just like you have leather or a fabric wallet to carry your paper money inside it, innovators now have come up with the concept of a hardware wallet, where you can store your Bitcoins and can be used to make Bitcoin payments.

However, you are not just limited to one mode of Bitcoin payment. You also have the choice of making Bitcoin payments with the help of mobile Bitcoin wallets for Android and mobile Bitcoin wallets for iOS as well. Here you can pay with the help of your smartphone as the hardware platform.

If you are making your transactions online from the comfort of your workstation and using your desktop computer, a desktop wallet is what you will be using if you choose to make your payments with Bitcoins.

Also, using mobile Bitcoin wallets can be a lot beneficial when you are making transactions on your Android device, online. What we forgot to mention in the beginning was that unlike your hardware-based wallets, these wallets are entirely interface/software-based, like PayPal, but only trading in Bitcoins.

In a cluster of Bitcoin wallets available online, all you need to do is to find out specific needs for your type of Bitcoin transactions and buy the right device. The one listed here are our choices. However, you can do some research on your own and add to the list, what you consider as a better contender.

If you want to add Something to the above list of Best Bitcoin Hardware Wallets do let us know by commenting Below.


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