Best c++ ide for windows, mac, and linux with code auto completion and other rich features

Best c++ ide for windows

It has been a decay since C++ make its first appearance in 1979. C++ is one of the most used high-level languages because of its amazing feature like Encapsulation, Data hiding, Inheritance, Pointer arithmetic e.t.c

Whatever you are a beginner or a hardcore c++ programmer, IDE is your best friend because of its features like code suggestion, IntelliSense, organizing project folders e.t.c. If you are looking for a great IDE I have prepared a list of Best c++ ide for windows, mac, and Linux. Chose your IDE according to your level as a beginner you just have to write console application all you need is a simple and lightweight IDE. And if you are a hardcore c++ programmer then you will need a comprehensive IDE.

First, let’s have a quick look at the IDEs you are going to learn about.

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C++ IDEPriceBest forCompatible with
Visual StudioCommunity edition is freeAdvance programmersWindows
XcodeFree Advance programmersMac Os
Netbeans for C/C++FreeBeginners and advance programmersWindows
Mac Os
Eclipse IDE for C/C++FreeBeginners and advance programmersWindows
Mac Os
Mac Os
Qt CreatorOpen source version
is Free
Advance programmersWindows
Mac Os
Code BlocksFreeBeginnersWindows
Mac Os
Dev c++ FreeBeginners Windows
CLionYou have to pay
for it
Beginners and advance programmersWindows
Mac Os
GeanyFreeBeginners and advance programmersWindows
Mac Os

10 Best c++ ide for windows with code auto-completion and other rich features:

Visual Studio

best c++ ide

If Xcode is the beloved IDE of apple then Visual Studio is the IDE that Microsoft live on (lol). Visual Studio is mainly known for writing .net applications. It is a complete suite to make large enterprise applications working with a team if you have plans to develop enterprise applications you probably need a pro version which is not free, but you can get a community edition for learning absolutely for free of cost.

Visual Studio is not only for C++ developers, but it also supports many popular languages like c#,  visual basic, and f#(I don’t even try f# yet).

Visual Studio offers a lot of features some of them are:

  • The intelligence i.e code completion or suggestion
  • Gui designer
  • Easy to use navigations

you can use it to It develop computer programs for Microsoft Windows, as well as websites, web applications, and web services.

Read more and get the download link here.


Best c++ ide

Xcode is not just an integrated development environment is also a complete suite of software development tools developed by Apple for developing software for MacOS, iOS, WatchOS, and tvOS.

There many programmers who use Mac and if are one of them, or you just love Mac Os then go for Xcode because it is the beloved IDE of apple. It is not only for C/C++ developers, there are many other popular languages supported.

Go for it if you are a Mac lover.

Read more and get the download link here.

Netbeans for C/C++

best c++ ide

Although Netbeans is famous for java and web development, It is also the best c++ ide for windows, Mac os, and Linux.

Netbeans c++ IDE also have a lot of pre-made template projects for c and c++ which can be used as a framework or starting point for your applications. Netbeans has been written using java it can also be used for PHP and HTML5 projects. Perfect for beginners, and hardcore C++ programmers also use it a lot.

Some of the Netbeans features are:

  • Free and open source.
  • Supported by the big giant Oracle.
  • Multiplatform support
  • Great drag and drop Gui builder
  • Easy to Install and use
  • Qt Toolkit Support
  • Remote Development Support
  • Easy File Navigation

Read more and get the download link here.

Eclipse IDE for C/C++

best c++ ide

Eclipse is another simple, easy to use and a powerful IDE for c and c++.There are not many differences between Netbeans and eclipse, all I found is eclipse load and runs slightly faster than NetBeans.

Some of the Eclipse features are:

  • Easy to install and use
  • Free and open source
  • Support multi platform
  • Great drag and drop Builder for Gui applications
  • Remote System Explorer

Read more and get the download link here.


best c++ ide

CodeLite is an another free, open source and excellent cross platform IDE for the C/C++ programming. CodeLite also supports PHP and javascript development.

Some of the Eclipse features are:

  • Easy installation and user-friendly interface
  • Multiplatform Support
  • built-in support for GCC/clang/VC++
  • CodeLite  has amazingly fast and powerful code completion tool because of  their in-house parser
  • Supports profiling, refactoring,). Static code analysis, and class browser.

Read more and get the download link here.

Qt Creator

best c++ ide

Qt Creator is the most famous IDE for building GUI applications. If you are going to create some good looking GUI application the Qt Creator is the perfect choice for you.

The problem is it is not free we have to buy it. Don’t worry there is an open-source version also which is free to use. If you are a beginner, of course, you are not going to develop enterprise level application all you want to get familiar with the IDE go for the open source version.

Some of the Qt Creator features are:

  • Has amazing easy to use drag and drop functionality
  • Supports multiplatform
  • Supports Debugging, Compiling, Profiling, Auto-completion of code and Refactoring
  • supports Static Code Analysis
  • Qt Quick Compiler
  • Qt Data Visualization
  • Boot to Qt
  • Qt Quick 2D Renderer
  • Qt WebView
  • Qt Virtual Keyboard

Read more and get the download link here.

Code Blocks

Best c++ ide for windows

Codeblocks is another free and open source IDE for c/c++ written using c++. The good thing about code block is that it supports multi-platform i.e it can be installed and run on Windows, Mac Os, and Linux. CodeBlocks can also be used for c and Fortran language.

Some of the CodeBlocks features are:

  • Light weight and easy installation
  • Drag and drop builder to develop GUI application
  • With code block, you can visualize object oriented programming

Read more and get the download link here.

Dev C++

Best c++ ide for windows

Dev c++ is a free and open source integrated development environment written in Delphi for windows. It is a lightweight IDE all it takes just a couple of minutes to install and get ready to use. Best for newbies who just have to write console applications, you can also develop a graphical user interface with dev c++ but it doesn’t have drag and drop builders. As drag drop builders are the easiest to use in order to make GUI applications.

Go for Dev C++ if you are a beginner programmer.

Some of the dev c++ features are:

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use toolbar
  • Code completion
  • Shortcut keys for compilation and running e.g F9 and F10
  • Easy installation

Read more and get the download link here.


best c++ ide

This is a great c++ IDE developed by a well-known company JetBrains. It comes with some great features like Smart editor, Code analysis, Embedded terminal.

The problem with this IDE is that it is not free you have to buy a subscription in order to use it, however, you can get a trial version for 30 days to test it out.

Read more and get the download link here


best c++ ide

Geany comes with basic IDE features because it has been doing to have short load times. It is completely free to download and easy to install.

It does have some great features like Syntax highlighting, Code folding, Symbol name auto-completion, Simple project management,

Read more and get the download link here

Which C++ IDE you think is best for Windows? do let me know in the comment.


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