Here is the list of top 7 Best Linux Distributions for Gaming. You will learn everything about these Linux distros for gaming which will help you to choose your Linux for gaming.

One of the most concealed OS used by most of the people who are really into the technology named Linux can be cast-off for the whole thing, together with gaming. When it originates to Linux gaming and gaming distros, you have numerous choices to select from.

Generally, Linux distribution or Distros embraces a Linux kernel, GNU gears and libraries, extra software, certification, a window system, a window administrator, and a desktop atmosphere. These are used to eliminate the gaming gaps between windows and Linux OS.

Gaming on Linux has progressed a lot in the earlier few years. Now, you have loads of distros pre-optimized for gaming and gamers. Here we have listed top 7 Best Linux Gaming Distributions.

These are the Top 7 Best Linux Distributions for Gaming:

The list is based on requirements, performance, Pros, and Cons about Linux gaming distros. Which Linux operating system is best for gaming? This article has the answer to this question. let’s start with the most popular Linux gaming distro.

1- Steam OS

Best Linux Distributions for Gaming

Steam OS is one of the greatest widespread gaming distros, established by Valve Corp. who is the creator of Steam. The distro is developed for the administration of games from the Steam Store. Steam OS chains various Graphics Cards and gamepads.

Base Used: Debian 8

Desktop Environment: GNOME, enhanced for an easy entree with Keyboard and Joystick.

Package Setup: DEB

Hardware Necessities: Intel or AMD 64-bit capable processor, 4GB or more RAM, 200GB Hard Disk, NVIDIA graphics card or AMD graphics card or Intel graphics, USB port for installation, UEFI Firmware


  • Calming User Interface
  • Chains numerous Graphics Cards
  • Well-matched with numerous Gamepads
  • Vast gathering of Games from built-in store


  • Heavy Hardware requirements
  • Merely Steam games available

— Steam OS website

2- Sparky Linux

Best Linux Distributions for Gaming

Sparky Linux Game over Version is a new great distro for Gaming. It can help you with awesome gaming graphics with a sharp image. Sparky Linux – Game over Edition originates with a superior tool called APTus Gamer. It features calm course to install various consoles, emulators, and other tools for gamers. It comes with pre-installed games. It also delivers a worth to help with fitting exclusive drivers. It is the 2nd most among Best Linux Distributions for Gaming after Steam Os.

Base Used: Debian

Desktop Environment: LXDE

Package Setup: DEB

Hardware Necessity: Can be used on PCs with average requirements.


  • Steam Games reinforced
  • Windows Games sustained
  • Superior Tool (APTus)


  • No Cons from this Distros

— SparkyLinux GameOver website 

3- Game Drift Linux

Best Linux Distributions for Gaming

Game Drift Linux is improved to provide the best likely gaming involvement on Linux. It offers out-of-box sustenance for Linux and prevalent Windows games.

It takes benefits of edge Crossover technology for running Windows games. You can play more than 1200 Windows games straight within Game Drift. This distro supports one-click installation with easy setups. It is one of the best Linux distro for gaming.

Base Used: Ubuntu

Desktop Environment: MATE

Package Setup: DEB

Hardware Necessity: 1-2 GHz processor, 1-2 GB memory, 4 GB hard disk, ATI, Nvidia or Intel graphics adapter, LAN/the Internet.


  • Devoted Game Store
  • Windows games sustained


  • Paid CrossOver.

 Game Drift Linux Website

4- Play Linux

Best Linux Distributions for Gaming

Play Linux is yet another way in the direction of Gaming on Linux OS that ascends with Steam and Play-On-Linux pre-installed. It is light and can be modified. A modifier application is comprised of vast control over the look and sense of Play Linux. It also notices the CPU load and restricts needless features. It has a unique feature named AutoGPU installer. It spontaneously arranges and connects your Graphics drivers.

Base Used: Ubuntu

Desktop Environment: Nebula

Package Setup: DEB


  • Modest and delicate distro.
  • Steam care
  • Pre-installed PlayOnLinux
  • Spontaneous Graphics driver installation


  • Old beta version
  • Majorly not for heavy gaming

— Play Linux website

5- Ubuntu Game Pack

Best Linux Distributions for Gaming

Ubuntu Game Pack is a gaming distributor that gives collateral to lunch about six thousand Linux and Windows games. It was settled with the aim to seal the gap of games handiness between Linux and Windows. Ubuntu Game Pack does not contain any games out-of-box. The steam client, Lutris (open gaming platform), Wine and PlayOnLinux come pre-installed with it. It also backs Adobe Flash and Oracle Java. With it, you can easily play online games. Ubuntu Game Pack also delivers a committed source with an assortment of hundreds of games.

Base Used: Ubuntu

Desktop Environment: Unity

Package Setup: DEB


  • Pre-installed Lutris (open sourcegaming platform)
  • Attuned for playing Online Games
  • Linux, Steam, Windows and Console games sustained


  • It can be slower comparatively.

 Ubuntu GamePack website

6- Lakka OS

Best Linux Distributions for Gaming

Lakka OS is totally altered from the distros we have debated so far. This is a trivial Linux distro that alters a computer into the complete game console. No exaggeration guys. It is able to rival a wide-ranging variety of consoles. All the emulators are assembled with the finest optimizations possible and turn the games more effortlessly than the usual emulators. It is one of the best linux for gaming.

Base Used: Open ELEC

Desktop Environment: RetroArch

Main Features: Multiplayer, Protect states, Shaders, Net play, Rewind and Wireless Joypads.


  • Lightweight
  • Stunning User Edge
  • Numerous hardware supported
  • Programmed Joypad credit.


  • No provision for Linux, Steam or Windows games

— Lakka Linux website

7- Fedora Games Spin

Best Linux Distributions for Gaming

Fedora Games Spin is the flawless example of Fedora’s capability to run games. Fedora Games Spin originates with loads of Linux games. As mentioned by Fedora Games Spin. The involved games extent a number of types. If you want Steam and Windows games provision you want to manually fix those via the set manager. Some pre-installed games also require further data to be downloaded before playing. It is one of the Best Linux Distributions for Gaming.

Base Used: Fedora

Desktop Environment: Xfce

Package Setup: RPM


  • Loads of pre-installed Linux games.
  • Steady, Reckless and Light.


  • No separate sustenance for Steam & Windows games
  • Branded drivers are not pre-installed
  • Not for dedicated gamers.

— Fedora Games Spin Website

These are the Best Linux Distributions for Gaming you can choose to play games on Linux. Steam os is the most popular among Linux gaming distros but other Linux gaming distros mentioned above are also good to play games on Linux. If we have missed out your favorite Linux gaming distro, let us know by commenting below we will update this best Linux system for gaming list.


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