Recording a video game which smashing the opponent and killing the enemies is a tough task for the gamer around the world. In this epoch, gaming is certainly one of the biggest business in the market and source of entertainment for many people. There are loads of game recording software in the market. Some are paid and some are free. Today in this tutorial, we will enlist the top 10 game recorders (paid and free) which gives the best outcomes and features for the user worldwide.


NOTE: The list covers all the aspects including Price, Specifications and User Reviews etc.

1- Open Broadcaster Software:

OBS certainly deserves the primary mention, as it is free of cost and originates with tons of editing tools. It is easy to use with simple standard interface with all the tools in front of you. You are not obligatory to alternate any distinct settings. Select the source you want to record and start recording.

Separately from plain video recording, it has numerous other side services perfect for video seminars. These include, Picture-in-Picture mode, Custom Watermarks and Push-to-Talk mode.

Main Features: Free, Open Source, Simple Interface and Light application, recording formats MP4 and FLV in HD Quality.

Expense: Free of cost.

Compatibility: It is compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10, Mac OS X and Linux.


2- Shadow-play

Shadow Play by extreme gaming giant Ge-force is free of cost recording software. The tool is delivered by NVidia Ge-force, the makers. Shadow-play also routines the same machinery and uses latest NVidia Ge-force GPU in its place of your CPU for performance which certifies your computer’s processor to confess the least load. For Shadow-play you will need Ge-force GTX 600 or above version installed on your PC. This software comes with two modes, Shadow mode and manual mode. In the Shadow mode, all your game play from previous 20 minutes will be note down and older will be erased. The manual mode is standard, you can turn on limitless recording until you halt it.

Main Features: Free, Nvidia Geforce GPU (NOT LOCAL CPU), Two excellent modes of recording.

Expense: Free

Compatibility: It is compatible only with Windows version from XP to 10.


 3- Action!

This is a paid game recording software with tons of amazing features. You can create HQ video up to 4K resolution, best graphical qualities and even add live voice to it. Moreover, the videos saved in your PC can also be shared over social networks like YouTube, Facebook etc. with built-in functions.

It also has a remote entree feature that will let you exchange the screens between android smartphone and PC. You can control your PC game recording using android smartphone with simple action app.

Action! Offers the user with Time-Shift method which is limited to 10 minutes.  You can also edit the videos with effects.

Main Features: Remote Access using android smartphone, 4K Video recording, Time-Shift mode, AVI to MP4 video formats.

Expense: Free trial, $29.9/Home, $49.95/Marketable.

Compatibility: It is compatible with Windows versions 7 to 10.


4- D3DGear

D3DGear is a very simple game recording tool for all the gamer around the world which doesn’t need any kind of special installation. It is really light recorder and does not require huge space to be installed. It also has an integral density system that will wrap all videos recorded with it. The videos from D3DGear just need little space to get saved. Like other software mentioned, it also uses GPU acceleration. The software routinely finds games and connects with them. This is best feature which you can use with hotkey.

The recorder also contain microphone support which helps you in game sound recording. Another features of D3DGear let you save the recorded audio file separately.

Main Features: Very light, Hotkey recording (automatic with games), and Separate Sound Recording.

Expense: Free/15 days and Paid/$34.95

Compatibility: The recorder is compatible with Windows versions XP, Vista to 10.


5- Bandicam

Bandicam is another paid video recording tool which is simple to use and contain amazing features for newbies. It is not feature rich but is must use software for beginners. With this tool, you can record or modify videos with specific frame rates and 4k Ultra HD resolution. The recordings feature accustomed for gaming or other PC doings and the size of the gap can be reduced or augmented. You can record direct for 24 hours. Also, all your recordings can be easily shared to YouTube within seconds.

Main Features: Video Firmness, Simple Interface.

Expenses: Free Trial, $39/single license, $59/ double licenses.

Compatibility: It is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8 and 10.




Dxtory is a simple tool in the market offering loads of features. It does not have high memory. The interface of this recorder is very simple and sorts it very informal to understand. It seizures videos at HD quality. There are also audio settings which are also fairly hearty being able to record two sounds all together. By Video setting of Dxtory. You can identify video codec, frames on 10-120 seconds, sources, dimension and format. You can power the software to by recording the game when it is start. This recorder has a free version that is fully featured but the irritating thing is it leaves the watermark on every video recorded.

Main Features: Simple to Use, Self-Customize, Free version.

Expense: Free, paid version cost $32

Compatibility: It is compatible for Windows Vista, XP to Windows 10.


7- Wonder Share Video Recorder

This is the only video recorder software which comes with a video converter so that the gamer can record and upload it anywhere so less disk space can be used. It is also to be renowned that the certificate of the package is to be bought one time only and the updates for it are free. Wonders hare Video Converter come with Wonder share Video recorder which earns that connects the converter habitually installs the Video recorder. It is ultimate and is a strong tool which gives the user what he wants. It also makes sure that the video is flowed quickly to the TV using media center. It also supports HQ video quality and 4K technology. It is easy to use and gives the best results.

Main Features: Video Converter, TV Streaming using Media Center, Simple to use.

Expense: Paid/ $19.00.

Compatibility: It is compatible with windows XP, Vista, 7 to 10. It also works with Apple’s MAC OS.


8- X Split Game caster

X split is the best game recorder software with robust streaming features. Although this recorder gives both streaming and video recording to hard drive but it gives best results in streaming. You can twitch recording with a solo press and XSplit will arrange the situations for you rendering to your PC. The recorder gives you basic stuff like Recording at HD quality, streaming over websites and GPU support. With this recorder, you can also edit videos and accomplish all the logged videos.

Main Features: Streaming Feature, Simple Interface and Video Editing.

Expense: Free, Paid/ $4.95 for month, Paid (Premium)/$8.95 for month.

Compatibility: The recorder is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 to 10.


9- WM Capture

WM Capture is basically not a game screen recorder, it is a basic screen recorder but you can work it with recording your games. You cannot use live streaming, firmness with this software. This software has light memory and is free of cost. The recording quality using this software is good. You can protect the recording in most formats like MPEG, MP4, and AVI etc. The usage of this recorder is so simple. Just download and start working. You can find only one single screen with all controls on it.

Main Features: Easy to use, all video formats, Free of cost.

Expense: Free.

Compatibility: It is compatible with all Windows versions and MAC OS:


10- Fraps

Fraps is a very low memory recording tool which is just a 2.3 Mb. You will only be capable of recording and crick tapes with some added info. It may not have much features but whatever it has, is the best. It can click videos at 7680×4800. It will show all figures of enactment and can judge average performance rate. These results can be saved to a distinct file in your computer.

Main Features: Light memory, Benchmark tool and HD video recording etc.

Expense: Free, Paid (full version)/ $37.

Compatibility: The software is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 to 10.