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Bad Tweets and trolls will be hidden from your Twitter account

Twitter recently announced in its Blog post that it will hide those tweets and trolls that negatively impact the health of the conversation. Such tweets can be referred as bad tweets and trolls. Changes...

Instagram to reveal soon if you are an Instagram “addict”

A new feature is going to be introduced by Instagram that will allow the users to manage the time they spend on the app.  You might have thought once in your life how much time...

Smart AI driven Google News App is now available for iOS

Google just introduced the redesigned smart Artificial Intelligence powered Google News App for iOS users. A live version already exists for the Android users on PlayStore.   Google announced during the I/O developer conference that the old...

Facebook admits to lag behind in detecting Hate speech

Annual Transparency report has recently been published by Facebook that states the number of items that were removed as a result of the violation of the content standards. The company has been successful in...
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Facebook suspends more than 200 suspicious apps following data breach scandal

Facebook made an announcement in an official blog post related to the app investigations that are under process following the Cambridge Analytica's data misuse scandal that made to the news headlines in March. Out of thousands...

Native Gmail Offline Support is now Available For Chrome Users

Gmail native offline support has been rollout for Chrome users, that can be enabled in the settings. The latest version of Chrome (i.e Chrome 61) should be installed to use this new exciting feature.  Google recently announced...

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