After the launch of the new model of Tesla MODEL X, the hackers all the way from China’s Keen Security Labs which is the part of China’s internet giant Tencent Holdings hacked this electric car and played with brakes, lights, radio, and door. The electric car is a beast but got hacked terribly. All this disastrous plan took out without even touching the model X.

The hack was originally made for finding the security flaws in the Tesla Model X. The hackers from the Chinese company sent malware to the web browser which got gripped in the firmware of the vehicle. After these, the hackers controlled the car remotely like using the TeamViewer using Wi-Fi and mobile carriers.

All of these issues were founded back on June 17. These kind hearted hackers also warned the company about these issues getting them fixed within two weeks. Tesla IT team responded that these concerns can only be found by experts and these matters can be fixed before risking lives of the passengers.

You will be thinking about this attack to be the first time on the Elon Musk’s company. No! Last year the hackers from the same Keen Security Labs exploited the Tesla Car and controlled it over for 12 miles. In the same year again, Norway-based firm researchers found susceptibilities in the application of Tesla Motors on iOS and Android devices which can lead the hackers to unlock, keyless driving and steal the car without anxiety.

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