CMD Commands for Hacking

In this list, you will learn 7 CMD commands for hacking. By using these CMD hacking commands you will be able to use command prompt for hacking.

Windows has the most beautiful and easy to use GUI interface. Apart from it, Windows also has a command line interface known as Command prompt or CMD which is based on Disk Operating System i.e Dos.

Most of the Windows users don’t use Command prompt. It is a powerful command line interface you can use it to perform different tasks which can’t be done easily by using graphical user interface  . In this list you will see CMD commands for Hacking.

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Here is the List of Top 7 Best CMD Commands for Hacking

1. Ping

By using Ping Command you can determine if the host you pinging is alive or not. You can also look at the networks and IP address. Ping can be used to resolved issues with networks.


Ping x.x.x.x( x.x stands for the ip address) for if you want to google type: Ping you can also use ping with the domain address like ping

2. nslookup

Nslookup is a network administration command line you can use to resolve DNS into IP address. For instance you want to know IP address then type nslookup

Nslookup also can be used to obtain IP of specific Mail Severs. For example if you want to know mail server IP address of then Run this:

nslookup (enter) set type=mx (enter)

3. tracert

tracert is a useful command line utility it records the route between your computer and a destination computer.This command is really helpful if you know the route a packet takes before it goes to the target box.


tracert x.x.x.x (x.x stand for the IP address)

or you use it with the Domain name like tracetrt

to get its IP address.

4. arp

By using arp command you see the arp table. It will help you to find out if anyone has done arp poisoning in your LAN using this command.

arp -a

5. route

With the help of route command you can look at the routing table, gateway, interface and metric.

route print

6. ipconfig

ipconfig is a useful command you can use it to see your IP, Gateway, DNS in use etc.

ipconfig or ipconfig/all

You can also change your Dynamic IP by typing:

ipconfig /release (this will release your IP)

ipconfig /renew (this will renew your iP)

7. Netstat CMD command

Netstat command will show you the connection status and information about all active connection and listings ports.

netstat-a (display all connections).

netstat-n (sorts connection in numerical order).

netstat-b (display executable. This is browser name).

These are the 7 best CMD hacking commands you can use command prompt for hacking with the help of these CMD hack commands.