Difference between SOAP and REST

SOAP is known as “Simple Object Access Protocol” and REST is known as “Representational State Transfer”. 

In a Simple way, these are the web services popular with developers working on system integration based projects. SOAP is not that simple as the word shows but REST provide us the truly simple method of accessing web services and 70% of the APIs are the REST APIs. we are going to give you the Basic and important difference between SOAP and REST/RESTFul.

SOAP is the heaviest web service, whenever we are developing an application then we need to select between SOAP and REST based on the programming language we use, the environment in which we use it and the requirement of the application. we are going to give you the Basic and important difference between SOAP and REST/RESTFul.

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Basic and important difference between SOAP and REST/RESTFul

SOAP(Simple Object Access Protocol)
REST(Representational State Transfer)
SOAP is basically a Protocol.
REST is an architectural style
It is an XML-based messaging protocol. REST is a web standards-based architecture and uses HTTP Protocol for data communication.
SOAP uses different transport protocols, such as HTTP and SMTP REST used HTTP protocol.
SOAP is not that simple and Easy as compare to REST REST is more Easy and Simple than SOAP
SOAP uses JAX-WS java API for web services. REST uses JAX-RS java API for web services.
SOAP requires more bandwidth than REST. REST requires less bandwidth than SOAP.
SOAP read and write request response messages in XML format. REST can read and write request response messages in JSON, XML, and plain HTML also.
SOAP is complex and heaviest. REST is more light weighted than SOAP.
Performance is not great compared to REST. Performance is much better than SOAP.
It does not return a human-readable result. Result is readable which is just plain XML or JSON.
Security in RESTful web service can be implemented using standard and traditional solutions Security in SOAP based web services we need additional infrastructure for this.
RESTful web service takes full advantage of the web caching mechanism. SOAP web services totally ignore web caching mechanism.


We can clearly See that the REST is much better than SOAP but there are some great advantages of SOAP and REST which can divert your mind to declare SOAP/REST as a cheap one.

SOAP provides following Advantages when compare to REST:-

  • Language, Platform, and Transport Independent
  • Distributed Enterprise Environments.
  • It is Standardized.
  • Provides significant Pre-build Extensibility.
  • Build-in-Error Handling.
  • Automation.

REST is easier to use for the most part and is more flexible.

REST has Following Advantages when compare to SOAP:-

  • There is no expensive tools require to interact with the web service.
  • It has a Smaller learning curve.
  • It is Efficient and fast and no extensive processing required.
  • Closer to other Web technologies in design technologies.



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