Free Books To Learn Linux

While reading this article you must be familiar with Linux and the benefits it provides to its users for software development, system administration and server management tasks. There are many open source Linux distributions available online that you can choose according to your requirements and preferences. Most of the users are not comfortable with the command line version of Linux so the graphical user interface is provided to make it user-friendly. Linux is attracting more and more users every day because of its features including virus free and secure OS and its customization capabilities.

Linux is going to be the most demanding platform in the future because IOT devices will be entirely on Linux kernel moreover Linux is being used by researchers in the field of AI and deep learning. If you are new to Linux with beginner level knowledge you must upgrade your knowledge to be considered as an intermediate or advanced user. Most of the highly paid jobs will be grabbed by Linux professionals in the future.

How To learn Linux?

Now you must have a question in your mind about how you can learn Linux. You should consider reading free Linux eBooks to become an expert user that will eventually help you in your Linux based career. You must be interested in finding free Linux eBooks so we have Compiled 30 best free books to learn Linux. You can choose according to your level and interest that is totally up to you.

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Note: Books in this List are not in order of preference. You can use any of them that you find best.

Here are 30 Free Books To Learn Linux For Free.

1. User Mode Linux- Free Linux eBook

User Mode Linux allows any Linux users to learn to create virtual Linux machines on a Linux system, that can be used to test and debug kernels, network services, and applications. This book is perfect for those who want to learn about in-depth knowledge of networking and security, cluster implementation, virtualization, managing file systems, small and large User Mode Linux server management and host kernels.

View or Download: User Mode Linux

2. GNU/Linux Command-Line Tools Summary

If you are a Linux User you must be familiar with the fact that learning command line is the most important thing. You can use this book to the master the command line in order to take the most advantage of Linux based systems. This book guides its readers about various commands and their uses in different situations. Some chapters are dedicated to specific tasks and the commands that we can use to achieve those tasks. So this book is a complete package for learning command Line in Linux.

Download: GNU/Linux Command-Line Tools Summary 

3. The GNU/Linux Advanced Administration

The GNU/Linux Advanced Administration book is about learning advanced level Linux system administration. You can learn about installing and configuring several computers,  using GNU Linux for compression and synchronization of resources. The major topics covered by this book are the network, data, security, local, server, and cluster administration. The GNU/Linux Advanced Administration book is free and contains 500+ pages that can help you become a Linux system administrator.

Download: The GNU/Linux Advanced Administration 

4. The Ultimate Linux Newbie Guide

The ebook “The Ultimate Linux Newbie Guide” is designed specifically for those users who are absolute Linux beginners. If you are interested in learning Linux as a beginner, this book is for you. This book explains in detail about Linux and the practical uses of Desktop Linux, in which who would be more interested in learning as a beginner. You don’t need to pay for this ebook you can get this ebook online for free.

View or Download: The Ultimate Linux Newbie Guide

5. Advanced Linux Programming

Advanced Linux Programming is an eBook that is available free for advanced level users. If you are an advanced level user who wants to learn about developing different software for Linux and programming, this book is going to help you in achieving your goal. You will be able to develop an efficient and secure program for a Linux based system. The major topics covered by the book are; interaction with different hardware devices, multiprocessing, and interprocess communication.

Download: Advanced Linux Programming

6. Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference

You must have heard about Ubuntu that is very popular Linux distribution among new Linux users around the world. The eBook “Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference” is available free of cost that can be used by newbies whenever they need any help regarding any issue. Ubuntu installation and configuration, securing the system, and managing your software.

Download: Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference

7. Linux 101 Hacks – Practical examples to build a strong foundation on Linux

This eBook “Linux 101 Hacks – Practical examples to build a strong foundation on Linux” contains 140+ pages. The book contains a list of terminal Linux commands along with tutorials on powerful CD command hacks that will enable you to master Linux commands as a beginner. This eBook is also beneficial for advanced level users that are interested in learning bash scripting, system administration tasks, and monitoring the performance of your Linux systems.

Download: Linux 101 Hacks

8. Introduction to Linux – A Hands on Guide

The eBook “Introduction to Linux – AHands-onn Guide” is a getting started guide that is designed keeping in mind the requirements of the new Linux users. You are going to love solving the exercises that are available at the end of each chapter. If you are an advanced level user you can still use this book to learn the basic concepts that will help you in network and system administration tasks. The topics covered by this book are the file system, Linux processes, redirecting I/O, how to use Text Editors, handling prints and printers, networking, multimedia, and backup techniques.

View: Introduction to Linux – A Hands on Guide

9. Linux Device Drivers, Third Edition

Linux Device Drivers eBook discusses all the major changes that were made for the version 2.6 Linux Kernal. Various new features have been discussed in this book that will enable you to implement more efficient and flexible drivers for Linux based systems. The third edition of Linux Device Drivers has many important topics that were not covered in the previous two editions of the book like debugging techniques, USB drivers, Memory allocation, Drivers blocking, dealing concurrency/race conditions and networking. You can read this book for a free 10 days trial period from the link given below.

View: Linux Device Drivers, Third Edition

10. Managing Linux Systems with Webmin: System Administration and Module Development

As it is obvious from its name, the main focus of this eBook is on system module management. The system module management includes various tasks that are system module, cluster module, the server module, and Webmin module. Some other topics discussed in this book are cluster software management, boot up and shutdown, PHP server management, and proxy server setup. Newbies can use this eBook to become an expert in system administration and module development.

Download: Managing Linux Systems with Webmin

11 Linux Patch Management

Linux Path Management is a free eBook that is available for learning patch management techniques. These path management techniques are used to minimize the impact on the users, administration and networks in major distributions of Linux that are; Fedora, Red Hat, Debian, SUSE, CentOS. This book discusses in detail on using yast, yum, and apt updates, that will keep your system updated and result in cost reduction, improving system availability, while enhancing efficiency.

Download: Linux Patch Management

12. Bash Guide for Beginners

Bash Guide for Beginners is an eBook that is written by the same author who has written Introduction to Linux that has been mentioned above in the article. This eBook has been written for the Linux Documentation Project. Bash Guide for Beginners is a perfect resource for those Linux users who want to get started with Bash scripting.

Download: Bash Guide for Beginners

13. Linux from Scratch

The eBook Linux from Scratch is a 318 page eBook that is freely available for Linux users on the internet. This book explains in details about Linux and the benefits you can have by using Linux in your systems. Reading this eBook will enable you to build your own custom Linux system and you can also customize your Linux systems according to your needs. The customization is available for setting up script, security and directory layout.

Download: Linux from Scratch

14. Linux Succinctly

Linux Succinctly has been written by Jason Cannon and it is designed for those users who are new to Linux as well as the intermediate users. This eBook has been designed by keeping in mind the requirements of newbies. Starting with “what is Linux?” the author covers the Linux distributions and its main components. The author has also provided relevant examples of the basic Linux concepts. The main topics covered in this book are; the command line, permissions, directory structure, and directories.

Download: Linux Succinctly

15. Java Application Development on Linux

The eBook “Java Application Development on Linux” is comprised of 599 pages. As Java is the most popular programming language, users are more interested in learning how they can develop applications on their Linux environments? The main topics covered in this book are language elements, developing APIs and understanding them, understanding the business logic and creating Java SDKs using Linux features.

Download: Java Application Development on Linux

16. Linux Shell Scripting Cookbook

Most of us are not aware of the using the most powerful tool that is available on your computer system “shell”. There are many problems that we face while system our systems, they can be solved by using simple combine commands. The eBook “Linux Shell Scripting Cookbook” is for those who want to learn shell and its usage for solving complex problems.

Download: Linux Shell Scripting Cookbook

17. Shell Scripting: Expert Recipes for Linux Bash

You must be looking for shell scripting formulas that can be applied for multiple solutions immediately. If you are a Linux user, you must have an idea that you can only interact with Linux/Unix system using the shell. This eBook Shell Scripting is the solution for you where you can find shell scripting formulas that can be used and modified according to different situations. It contains practically tested shell scripting recipes that can be used directly on your systems. Some other topics covered in this book are system administration, recipe system tools, and shell features.

Download: Shell Scripting: Expert Recipes for Linux Bash

18. Linux Network Administrator’s Guide

Linux Network Administrator Guide 2nd edition has been written by Terry Dawson and Olaf Kirch. This book is a complete guide for those users who are interested in Linux Network Administration or looking to make a career this field. Linux is considered the best platform for System Administration and trusted by experts. The authors obviously started by discussing concepts of networking, then they move on to TCP/IP networking. Another important topic that has been discussed in detail is serial hardware configuration to getting exim running.

Download: Linux Network Administrator’s Guide

19. Pro Ubuntu Server Administration

Ubuntu is considered as the most robust and secure platform in all the Linux distributions. It is also popular for both desktop and server development and running big/complex servers in the world. This eBook “Pro Ubuntu Server Administration” is a complete package for those who are interested in learning and managing Ubuntu server administration. Performance monitoring and optimization, Ubuntu server installation and troubleshooting, Samba Integration, and Mail server configuration are the major topics that have been discussed in detail by the author.

Download: Pro Ubuntu Server Administration

20. Securing and Optimizing Linux: The Ultimate Solution

Many of you having basic Linux knowledge might be interested in opting for a Linux based career. But if you are Lacking the advanced skills and knowledge that are essential for this position you might not be considered by the hiring managers. This eBook will help you master the concepts that are required for this position like installation, security and optimization, networking, monitoring and system Integrity, Domain Name System and Monitoring and System Integrity.

Download: Securing and Optimizing Linux: The Ultimate Solution

21. For Linux Mint: Just Tell Me Damnit!

This eBook is specifically for new users Linux who are interested in using Linux Mint users. Some important concepts Installation of Linux Mint in a virtual machine, finding software for Linux Mint, customizing the Linux Mint Desktop and installing updates have been covered in this book.

Download: For Linux Mint: Just Tell Me Damnit!

22. The Debian Administration’s Handbook

Some Linux users prefer to use Debian for their servers because of the unique features that Debian provides to its users for system administration tasks. If you also want to use Debian you should read this book. This book discusses some core concepts like Debian history in detail, Debian installation and package management, storage management, LAMP, and virtual machine.

Download: The Debian Administration’s Handbook

23. Just Enough Linux – Learning about Linux one command at a time

If you are a slow learner like me or someone who wants to learn Linux step by step I would recommend this book. It introduces Linux to the new users starting from the very basic concepts of what is Linux? what are commands? You will learn all the fundamental concepts of Linux in a very easy way. The topics included in this course are Linux concepts and commands, command, directory structure, regular expression, and find cheat sheets.

Download: Just Enough Linux – Learning about Linux one command at a time

24. Linux Security

As a system administrator security is the main concern for you because of the growing security threats in the cyber war between countries. The eBook Linux Security is written by Paul Cobbaut and it is just meant for learning how to secure your system in a Linux. It does not cover the fundamental concepts of Linux. The main focus of this book is on file permissions, user management, file security, iptables firewalls and selinux.

Download: Linux Security

25. Linux Command Line Cheat Sheet

Most of the people don’t like to use the command line to complete their tasks. The main reason is that we cant remember the complex list of commands for each and every task. Its human nature that we tend to forget things. So if you are one of them don’t worry, this eBook “Linux Command Line Cheat Sheet” is the solution. It is the complete organized list of Linux commands that is going to make your life easier.

Download: Linux Command Line Cheat Sheet

26. Linux Fundamentals | Free Books To Learn Linux

Linux Fundamentals is a 300+ pages tutorial guide that is designed for approximately all the Linux distributions. This book is comprised of installation tips and tricks for various Linux distributions including command, directory structure, Linux file management, and shell scripting. All the major Linux distributions have been discussed in detail in this eBook. The book starts with the Linux introduction and installation, shell expansion, scripting and file security.

Download: Linux Fundamentals

27. Linux Storage | Free Books To Learn Linux

The eBook Linux storage has been written by the author Paul Cobbaut for both home users and novice system administrators. the main theme of this book is the detailed explanation of Linux disk management and some other storage-related technologies. The book covers some important topics related to Linux system administration file security, disk management, backup management, and concludes with the introduction to Samba.

Download: Linux Storage

28. Linux Servers | Free Books To Learn Linux

This eBook has also been written by Paul Cobbaut who is the author of Linux tutorial series. Some of them are mentioned above in this article. Linux servers are considered as the most reliable servers by system administrators around the world. The author has covered Linux servers including Apache and squid, DNS server, DHCP server, samba server and selinux. So this eBook is a complete package for those who want expertise in Linux servers.

Download: Linux Servers

29. The Official Ubuntu Book –Free Linux eBook

This ebook is for both new and advanced Ubuntu users that is going to teach the basics of Ubuntu and along with the advanced concepts. You will learn the installation of Ubuntu, system customization to improve the performance, using the terminal and keyboard shortcuts, application installation from the repository, the Ubuntu server, command line and some other important topics. The book guides its readers towards their journey to becoming Ubuntu power users.

Download: The Official Ubuntu Book

30. The Linux Kernel Module Programming Guide

The Linux Kernel Module Programming Guide eBook only deals with the fundamental concepts of Kernel mode programming. The book does not cover the theoretical concepts of Linux. If you are looking for a career in Linux with a good salary package, you must have this book on your shelf. But I would recommend you to first read the core concepts discussed in this book then you can go according to your preferences.

Download: The Linux Kernel Module Programming Guide

I hope that all of the above-mentioned books would be helpful who are looking to kick-start their career in Linux. Self-learning is the best way to increase your knowledge and skills. One of the best sources of self-learning is reading books, so read informative books and share with others. Comment down below if we have missed any of your favorite books in this list of 30 Free Books To Learn Linux that can help others in learning Linux free of cost.


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