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7 Best Games like the Stardew Valley You Can Play in 2021

Games like the Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a game, with full of excitement where the player manages their character’s time and energy levels as they clear land, plant and tend crops, raise livestock, craft goods, mine for ores, and engage in social activities, including romances leading towards marriage, with the various residents of the small town. If you are a big fan of Simulating RPG Games and searching for more Games like the Stardew Valley, We have compiled a list of amazing games which resemble the Stardew Valley.

10 Best Games like the Stardew Valley You Should Play in 2018


Games like the Stardew Valley
Source: ooblets.gamepedia.com

Likely, Now you manage your own farm in an ultimate gaming experience. The game itself inspires by Pokemon, Animal Crossing, and Harvest Moon. Now, you can also train and grow your characters, manage them, and explore far-off lands. You can pick up a battle with other Ooblets and unleash the enigmatic Oob.


Download it Here: Ooblets

2. The Minecraft Modpack~ Farming Valley


Games like the Stardew Valley
Source: Youtube.com/watch?v=qLZiYWoInDs

The Modpack is a simple farming extension to the Minecraft series. The game packs a Stardew valley and Harvest Moon punch. In the game, you secure and maintain a farm. In other words, you do not go through the similar routine. The first mission of the game is the goddess. This entity explains the steps required to progress in the game. Now, you have a huge farm, sell your goods, have a crop yield and sell it off.

Similarly, This is how you earn the scoring points and the money to survive in the game. There are a select few crop seasons. Each season has a different set of crops to plant and later harvest.

Additionally, You can suffer from hydration, which, is one of the obstacles in the game. Finally, you get an achievement book that highlights your goals and progress.

Download it Here: MC-Mod.net

3. Moonlighter – games like the Stardew valley


Games like the Stardew Valley
Source: moonlighterthegame.com

Furthermore, The game has a prelude. An archeological excavation results in the discovery of a bunch of gates. Which lead to different dimensions and realms. The name of this village is Rynoka. And this village is closer to the excavation site. Moon Lighter is an Action RPG with rogue-lite elements. A shopkeeper who dreams to become a hero.

There is a Beta version available. And the release date is due in 2018. The Moonlighter’s shopkeeper handles customers in the day, and battles monsters at night.

Although, the creator of the game has not spilled any beans. Which, gives the fans even more reasons to fantasize about the game.

Get it Here: Moonlighterthegame

4. Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

Games like the Stardew Valley
Source: IGG-games

Moreover, An adventure video game, which, publishes in 2017, for PlayStation 4 and Windows. And releases on July 18, 2017. The designer of the game is Cheryl Vance. Let us talk about the gameplay. The game starts on a boat. With the rising tides, you head towards an island. Once you pass a certain level, the wider world gets prominent.
It is a game worth trying out, it lets you wander away, no fight sequences and a doubled edged sword of losing a life. The things that you can pick up are not nailed to the ground. The gameplay is simple, yet, unique. For instance, if the game asks you to gather an item from a cave in a mountain. But, for that, you might want a bomb. Further, you might also want to collect the materials to make that explosive. For that, your quest for a new mission and open up new options does continue.

Download it Here: Oceanofgames

5. Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor

Games like the Stardew Valley
Source: igg-games.com

A cosmodrome is a space for launching and grounding spacecraft. In the game, you are a janitor in a spaceport. Which, means that you pick up the rubbish and trash that generates. This may include the incarceration of spills and the presence of mystery containers.
You have the option to roam around in a futuristic fantasy. A walking simulator that takes in wonderful aliens. You can even build huge swords. Buying food from street hawkers or vendors and to run away from a huge skull.

The game has ingenuity. The build-up and the available options are excellent for some. As this game has mixed reviews.

Download it Here: IGG-Games

6. Worlds dawn – games like the Stardew valley

Games like the Stardew Valley
Source: IGG-games

Correspondingly, This is another excellent game that resembles the theme of Stardew Valley. The gameplay involves befriending and marrying fellow villagers. Sell fish. Grow and harvest a crop. Sell it off and bring prosperity back. Although, you cannot construct more buildings. But the cuteness-overload of anime characters is the USP of this game. You bring life back to an otherwise sleepy village. The participation in the festivals, mining, and fishing. Make it an interesting and a worthwhile playing experience.

Download it Here: IGG-Games

7. Recettear: An Item Shops Tale:

Games like the Stardew Valley
Source: Youtube.com

This role-playing game is by a Japanese dojin maker called the EasyGameStation. It gets released in December 2007.
The Publisher of the game is Carpe Fulgur and this is a single player game. The economic simulation unravels and expands. The story is about Recette. She is the daughter of a missing adventurer. She has a debt that she has to pay off. You earn money and upgrade characters. And beating monsters is a normalcy. While managing your shop. The Difficulty of the game becomes greater with an increase in debt.

Here is a head start: Do not think that failure means game over, take it from the top. Do not reload and replay the game from scratch. And do not sell everything away at a low price to raise 200,000 gold before day 29.

Download it here: IGG-Games

8. The Story of the Seasons


Games like the Stardew Valley
Source: Youtube

The game offers a unique level of customization for the gamers. The plot does lack a general strength when we compare it to Stardew Valley.

The players move their entire farm, paddies, fields, and barns. With this game, the gamers have many options. You can design a monthly festival space and build new shops. The game has a slight complexity to it. Which, makes it an interesting game to play. You start off as a young farmer. And progress through the game. You become a seasoned farmer by taking care of your crops and animals.

The game is available at Nintendo 3DS. You can Download the ROM Here: Portalroms.com

9. Rim World – games like the Stardew valley


Games like the Stardew Valley
Source: Youtube

In the game, you do more construction. The players choose from various scenarios to build before beginning the game. Hostility is the keyword in the game. You have raiders, and extreme weather conditions to increase the level of difficulty.

You incorporate a bunch of survival mechanism to get through each stage. The plot of the game is interesting and fun to play.
The game changes in accordance with the selection of the scenario and the decisions that you take.

The aesthetic appeal is not as striking. Especially when we compare it to the Stardew Valley.

You can Download/Buy Rim World Here: Steam

10. Rune Factory 4 – games like the Stardew valley

Games like the Stardew Valley
Source: Portalroms.com

You have a lot of option and a gaming space to try out various things to do. The game has catchy tunes to keep you entertained. You can hum them while playing. You till the land, plant the seeds, water the crops, and harvest them.

The gameplay becomes difficult when you have storms that damage your fields. There are tons of things that you can do within this game. For instance, taming a monster, the right use of rune energy and to make the most of each day. You have an added option to interact with NPC’s.

Download it Here: Portalroms.com


To conclude, StarDew Valley, like rest of these games takes you into a fantasy world. According to a statistic, gamers are smarter and perform better at school. These kids have a higher intellectual score. Plus fewer mind problems. Regardless, These kids enjoy a better relationship with other kids.

Games like the Stardew Valley

Suggestions: All the games mentioned above have a slight resemblance to our main game. To some, the Sim games can have a more meaningful experience.




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