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Google just announced another great feature at its Annual Developer Conference (8 May 2018) called “Smart Compose” that will help you to write your email using Artificial Intelligence.

Smart Compose has been introduced to speed up the process of writing emails. This new feature is an extension of the Smart Reply feature in Gmail, that will help you in writing your emails by predicting the text, common phrases to include, or even addresses.

According to an announcement made by Google on Google Blog, “Email makes it easy to share information with just about anyone-friends, colleagues, and family-but drafting a message can take some time. Last year, we introduced Smart Reply in Gmail to help you quickly reply to incoming emails. Today, we are announcing Smart Compose, a new feature powered by artificial intelligence, to help you draft emails from scratch, faster.”


It works just like autocomplete in Google Search, it operates in the background and analyzes the text of the email that you already have written. It then suggests the next word or sentence that you might use next based on machine learning. Machine learning technology basically enables computers to learn on their own based on the previous information that is available.

“As the name suggests, we use machine learning to start suggesting phrases for you. All you have to do is hit tab to keep auto-completing. In this case, it understands the subject is ‘taco Tuesday’. It takes care of mundane things like addresses so you can focus on what you want to type.” Stated Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai at the Google I/O developer conference.

If you like a suggestion that is being predicted, you can just hit the tab button to add that to the body of your email. The prediction is basically based on the first few words that you have used. While if you want to write something else you can just ignore the suggestion. The Smart Compose feature is also able to understand the context of your email.

The Gmail will now be smart enough to understand how to even start and end your emails. If you are writing an email on Friday, it will suggest you that you should end your email with “have a great weekend!”. You might be sending your email to a named person i.e Jacqueline, the default prediction for starting your email will be “Hey Jacqueline”.

You can not only save your time by using this feature, it also enables you to avoid spelling and grammatical errors while composing your emails. As it is quite embarrassing and unprofessional to have spelling and grammatical mistakes in the emails, either you are writing an official email or to your friends or colleagues.

According to Google, the exciting new feature will be available for the Gmail users in the next few weeks. While the G Suite users will be able to use this feature in the next few months.

The Gmail users can enable the new feature from the settings, you have to select “Try the new Gmail” and then allow “experimental access” in the general settings.

As the Artificial Intelligence is taking over the world so fast, and Robots are being developed to perform clerical duties. In future, there might be a case when robots are talking to the robots either on Phone or through emails. 

Source: Google Blog


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