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Google announced Google Assistant Update at Google I/O 2018, that is aimed at making your conversations a lot more natural and to improve virtual assistance capabilities it provides to its customers.  Some of the major features include continuous conversations, new voices, making calls on user’s behalf, and teaching manners to the kids. 

Google has just improved its Google Assistant language capabilities to make your conversations more effective, meaningful and natural. Believe it or not, Google Assistant will now be able to understand your natural conversations with the Google Assistant just as you talk to your friends and family. The users will now feel a lot more comfortable to talk to the Assitant by having an ongoing conversation, without repeatedly saying Hey Google as they used to say before.

“We need Google Assistant to be natural and comfortable to talk to”, Stated Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai.

In order to provide a natural feeling to the conversations with the Assistant Google has introduced 6 natural sounding voices that are developed using Artificial Intelligence Techniques. The voice has all the necessary ingredients required to have a meaningful conversation including pauses, pace, and pitch. If you don’t like your Google Assistant’s voice, you will now be able to change it from the 6 new voices including John Legend, the musician.

Another highly requested feature will also be introduced in the coming weeks, that will enable you to have continuous conversations with your Assistant. Previously, you had to activate the Google Assistant by saying Hey Google every time you needed to talk to it. But now your assistant is smart enough to understand that when you are talking to it and when you are having a conversation with someone else.

One of the important features that are required for natural conversations is the ability to handle multiple tasks at the same time. You can book a cab too, along with ordering a pizza from your favorite spot.

Most of the families love using Google Assistant to keep their child busy by making them play games, watch animated movies, and to listen to stories. The company is now going to introduce pretty please as a part of reinforcement learning to make them understand the importance of having a nice conversation with others.

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Another value-added feature will also be introduced this year that allows you to create a custom routine on a specific date and time. You can activate your routine by choosing your favorite line for example if you say Hey Google I need to sleep, it will turn off the TV, lights and other appliances and will create a perfectly cozy environment as you like by turn your Airconditioner on. You can use Google assistant app and Google Clock app for this purpose.

You will now be able to ask for help with visual tasks using smart displays, so you can either learn how to cook a delicious meal or you can even learn to use a complex tool. All Google services like youtube, calendar and maps are integrated into your smart displays.

Another noticeable feature will be available later this year, is that you will be able to place your usual order in just a few seconds. The system is smart enough to understand what would you like to have for dinner based on the AI capabilities. The company has also partnered with various food chains.

It’s hard to read your messages and important emails while driving on the road. You would be amazed to know that Google Assistant is also going to be available to navigation in Google Maps. You can now ask Google to read your emails while you are driving on a busy road.

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While working on important projects we often forget about making reservations for the weekend. If you are one of them Google Assistant will make a reservation by having a phone call on your behalf according to your preferred date and time. Not only this, it will remind you about your reservations before time.

According to the Verge, Google has set high targets for its self, by the end of the year you will see the Google Assistant working in more than 80 countries with having a support for more than 80 countries.

Based on the above-mentioned features Google must be applauded for taking Assistant to such a level that it can even replace human at multiple jobs. If can remind you about your important tasks to be done, keep your children busy, manage your household, train you, makes sure to get your favorite food on time, act as a reservation agent, and makes effective communications on your behalf. If you are planning to start your business despite facing the shortage of staff you can still achieve your target with the least amount of budget. Google seems to beat its competitors pretty well this year.

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