hack facebook account

In this tutorial, you will learn how to steal someone facebook username and password with Kali Linux by performing The man in the middle attack with the help of sslstrip2 and dns2proxy.

How to hack facebook account — One of the most searched queries in Google. There are many website and applications claiming they can get facebook account password, but when you try them, they will start to display some fake animation showing that the facebook account is being hacked after confirming to you that the account password has been cracked they will ask you to complete a never-ending survey to get the result. Every beginner will go after completing the annoying survey, I also used to do that in the beginning after all everyone loves to get someone account, in order to show that he/she is a hacker now. lol..

Is it possible to hack into facebook server to get someone account? The answer is No. Facebook security is strong because of its bug bounty program e.g if someone finds a backdoor, facebook will pay him/her $15000 as a bug bounty and the issue will be solved in no time.

But you can use the LAN i.e internet router to perform the man in the middle attack i.e cookie stealing method to hack facebook account, for this method the victim must be using the same internet Router as you.

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#1 Perform the man in the middle attack to hack facebook account

Hack facebook account

To perform the man in the middle attack i.e session hijacking you will need a PC/Laptop with kali Linux. You can use kali Linux with the virtual box or as a dual boot [Recommended] with your current Operating system. If you don’t have Kali Linux follow these tutorials:

  1. How to dual boot Kali Linux with Windows.
  2. How to install Kali Linux on Virtual box. 


Tools used to perform the man in the middle attack to steal facebook login cookie:

Update: Video has been removed from youtube because sharing tutorials related to facebook hacking is not allowed. We will upload it on a different platform, you will receive notification through our facebook page also you can ask questions using our facebook page. Like Geekviews on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Geekviews



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