Crack WinRAR Password

If you are looking for how to crack winrar password this tutorial will guide you in breaking a password protected winrar file.

When you download a File such as a Game or an Ebook from the internet as a compressed file with .zip or .rar extension and tried to extract it using WinRAR or any other application such as 7zip, It prompted a message to enter the password, sometimes there will be information like complete these surveys to get the password which is a waste of time.

What if the File you downloaded is 30 Gigabytes and it takes three days to download and you are thinking and searching about How to crack Winrar password Protected Files? In this step by step Guide, you will learn to crack Winrar password easily.

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For this tutorial I am going to use a tool called ARCHPR(Advanced Archive Password Recovery ) in short you can call it Winrar password remover or Winrar hacking tool, ARCHPR  give you 6 methods to chose, in order to crack the password: Brute-force, Mask, Dictionary, Plain-Text, Guaranteed Winzip Recovery, and Password from Keys.

Crack WinRAR Password

Let’s have a quick look at the most effective types of attack used to crack winrar password:

Brute-force: In brute-force attack an attacker trying many passwords or passphrases with the hope of eventually guessing correctly. The attacker systematically checks all possible passwords and passphrases until the correct one is found.  Choose this method When you think or have an idea about the password is small.

Mask: It is a modified form of Brute-force attack, this method reduces the password candidate keyspace to a more efficient one.  Try your luck with this method when you cloud know what will be the password for example when you download a movie from a website i.e in most cases, the password will be the domain name, or something related to the website i.e the owner name, email

Dictionary: A dictionary attack is based on trying all the strings in a pre-arranged listing, typically derived from a list of words such as in a dictionary (hence the phrase dictionary attack). In contrast to a brute force attack, where a large proportion of the key space is searched systematically. Use Dictionary attack when you don’t have any idea about the password.

These three techniques are the most used and effective ones in password cracking, I will use Brute-Force method to demonstrate Winrar password cracking.

Let’s learn the process of cracking winrar password:

Step 1: Download the Application

To crack the compressed file you need a tool called ARCHPR(Advanced Archive Password Recovery ). You will get this as a compressed file don’t worry it is not protected by any password. Get it by clicking here.

Step 2: Install the Application

After the download is complete, extract it using WinRAR and open the setup, click next and accept the terms and conditions without reading them(lol). It will ask you for a serial key which is included in the folder as a text file called serial, copy and paste the serial key in the text field and click next, next, and install. Checked the Run Advanced Archive Password Recovery and click finish.

Crack WinRAR Password

Step 3: Start Cracking compressed file password

Click on the open icon to chose the file you are going to crack.

Crack WinRAR Password

Step 4: Chose your file and click the open button

Crack WinRAR Password

Step 5: It will automatically start the password cracking process using brute-force.

Crack WinRAR Password

It will take some time to Crack WinRAR password,  so be patient during the process, Password cracking process will depend on the number and combination of words used in the password. If the password consist of more than 4 words with a complex combination of alphabets(small and capital), numbers(0 to 9) and special characters like !@#$, the process will take more time to break winrar password.

That is it now you learned how to break winrar password if this method helps you to bypass winrar password like us on facebook we will share more how to crack winrar password tutorials.

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