How to Remove Password from pdf without software

In this Tutorial, you will learn how to remove Password from pdf without using software or pdf password unlocker tools. You can easily Remove password from pdf with the help of Google Chrome.

Pdf is a famous format use to share documents online or offline. Created by Adobe pdf format can be used in all most every operating system. There are many pdf Reader software available, Adobe acrobat reader is mostly used. Modern browser like Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge can be used to open and Read Pdf documents.

Sometimes when you download a pdf document it comes with password protection. If you have forgotten or don’t the know your pdf file password you can remove it using Google Chrome.

How to Remove Password from pdf without software.

for this tutorial I am using Google Chrome, You can use any modren browser which supports PDF formats.

Step.1 Right click on the password protected PDF file and select open with and Choose Google Chrome.


Step.2 Chrome will ask to enter password for the PDF file. Press Ctrl+p or choose print from the Chrome menu. Select save as pdf and choose a destination path finally click on the Save button.

How to Remove Password from pdf without software

Step.3 Go to the folder you choose to save the file and open it this time it will not ask you for any password.

That is it now you know How to Remove Password from pdf without software you just have to use Chrome, you can also use other browsers such as Firefox, opera e.t.c to Crack / Bypass PDF password.

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