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Huawei latest smartphone Y9 has been officially launched in Pakistan on 3rd May 2018. There were rumors since Huawei joined Airlink that the new phones of Huawei will come with Airlink Communication Warranty. These rumors have been confirmed with the launch of new Huawei Y9. So, new Huawei phones are now available with Airlink Communication warranty.

Huawei has been a delight to all the photo lovers. These phones have been well known for their camera features. The phone gives you pictures in HD. Not only this, these cameras can adjust the focus by themselves. “It delivers an excellent value to the ‘photography enthusiasts’ to reimagine their photography experience.” This is an excerpt from the press release from Huawei regarding the Huawei Y7 Pro. Huawei has started taking advanced booking for the new Huawei Y9 that has been launched recently in Pakistan.

Airlink Communication services are the leading service providers. They provide full customer satisfaction and are always there to help you in finding the solution to your problems. There has been news all over the mobile world that Huawei new phones are going to have AirlinkComm warranty. Now, this has been confirmed. That means you can find the best piece for yourself.

This is because they are officially partnered with Airlink Communication service. That is the way all the upcoming Huawei phones are going to be launched with AirlinkComm warranty.

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Huawei has been one of the leading manufacturers of mobile phones in Pakistan. After the success of its previous handsets, we were waiting for the next series of Huawei mobile phones to come up. It has been finalized that Huawei Y9 has been launched in Pakistan in the early days of May.

The phone is going to be featuring some of the best features. Huawei phones are best known for their cameras. This is going to be one of the best features in the next series as well. Huawei Y9 is going to have a dual camera of 13 MP and 2MP with a front camera of 8MP. The camera is good enough to capture the photo in low light. It can even recognize faces.

Huawei Y9 is going to be available in 3 different colors, black, blue and gold. Besides this, Huawei has been the official partner with Airlink Communication. This means all the next phones from Y9 will come with Airlink warranty. This makes the phone a reliable piece to invest in.

It was back in 2015 when the company has officially partnered with Airlink Comm to provide an ideal service to all the Huawei users. The company has set up their service centre in Lahore from where they are going to provide their services to the customers.

The phone has a memory of 32 GB built in. This is enough for you to store all your pictures and audio. Huawei Y9 will function as Android v8 with an octa-core process. This will make your experience of using mobile phones a bit faster.

The phone has a wide LED display of 5.9”. The phone besides just having a high megapixel camera has some other features as well. This includes photo tagging, smile capture, and panorama. You can capture your selfie by just raising your hand.

The phone has fingerprint lock as well to make sure that your data is safe inside. You can even choose from other smart locks as well, like pattern recognition, password and so on.

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Huawei phones are most commonly known for their exceptional cameras and wide LED display. This ritual is going to be maintained for the next Huawei Phone Y9. The phone has been launched in Pakistan on May 3rd, 2018. It has been a success in the market. The phone is available at a decent price of around 27,000. Besides this, the phone comes with Airlink Comm warranty. This has made it a reliable option to go for.

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