This news is all the way from Italy where the top Bank named UniCredit has been targeted by the hackers again. The Europe’s Banking Giant got hacked harming 400,000 accounts.

The 400,000 accounts were having the biographical data adding the loan data. These major’s data packages were stolen in the Hacking. Hacker’s kept on attacking but the immediate action taken by the bank to tackle this fissure didn’t served anything in front of hackers. It is being assumed that the hackers were able to steal personal information like IBANs, names, cell phones, and addresses.

UniCredit, the Banking Giant in Italy is a global financial services company confirmed that they were attacked by the hackers which conquered 400,000 accounts related to Loan. In the press release, they also stated that the bank was harmed by two hacks attempt last 16 in September and October. Later the two hackers were discovered this week reported to Milan’s public prosecutor.

It was specified that,

“UniCredit has launched an audit and has informed all the relevant authorities. In the morning, UniCredit will also file a claim with the Milan Prosecutor’s office. The bank has also taken immediate remedial action to close this breach,”

Daniele Tonella, CEO of UniCredit’s IT unit, said his

“Team detected anomalies while conducting routine checks.”

Confirming that the bank immediately blocked the hackers, closed all fissures and upgraded the system. But it was late for 400,000 accounts. Now the project has been started on improving the IT system of the bank costing £2billion.

Although there was a good news from UniCredit’s twitters account. They told the people that no password was achieved in this attack.

Note that the cyber attacks on big corporations including bank has increased with a significant number. According to the news, no hacking group took the charge for this attack. Still in search of finding the master mind behind this sudden hack.