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LG has been working to improve its smartphone technology for a very long time. With LG G7 ThinQ, this has been made possible. The smartphone is going to have an additional feature of AI in its camera. This means you will have not just a camera, but also a smarter one. These AI cameras can help you in capturing the moments in their best way. You do not even additional lights, as the phone will itself brighten up the picture as required. This is the feature that they have named as ThinQ. That is why; it appears in the name as well.

LG G7 ThinQ is the final version they have launched. The phone has some incredible features that you cannot find on another phone. However, the phone’s look is inspired by iPhone X.

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The manufacturers have added their most important feature in the name as well. ThinQ is that they call. So, what it is actually?

ThinQ is the AI camera that LG has introduced recently. With this new feature, you do not have to go photography training as the phone is smart itself. The camera will tell you when the brightness is not right. Not only this, it can adjust this itself. It will adjust the pixels as well.

ThinQ is the new code word used by LG for all its appliances. ThinQ refers to the google assistant that you can connect to with your smartphone. LG has been trying to add AI to all its devices. This is their one way of doing that. In their one statement during the press release, LG has promised to deliver AI features in all its latest devices.

The phone also harbors an AI key. This will give you a quick access to your google assistant. They have also given a boost to the phone’s speakers. The sound is quite high and of good quality. You will not need a stereo speaker if you have this phone. Due to their, exceptional voice quality, the speakers are named as Boombox speakers.

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There were previously many issues regarding the AI keys. This is because it functions in only one way. Whenever you will press the key, it will open the Google assistant. This can be helpful if you want to but what if you do not want to use google assistant. Then it is going to be a useless feature for you. LG thinks that they can solve this problem with their new models. “It’s possible we can find ways to make the button do more,” stated Frank Lee, LG’s director of US public relations told a group of journalists,

Besides all these built-in features, the phone’s display is unique. It comes with a notch like most other phones at the top. This has the camera and earphone jack. The display is quite wide and has a resolution of 3,120 x 1,440. The screen is going to be brighter than other phones. It will give you a natural display color. “Color tones on the LG G7 ThinQ will look rich and natural even under bright light courtesy of the newly developed Super Bright Display by LG that covers 100 percent of DCI-P3 color space,” stated LG in its press release.

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LG has added some smart features in their current handsets to make them more powerful. These handsets are going to be launched in the whole as well as in Pakistan. The phones are good enough to compete any branded phone in the market.

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