nasa's mega-rocket
NASA’s Space Launch System will represent the most powerful rocket ever built for deep space missions. Image released August 27, 2014. Credit: NASA/MSFC

NASA’s new Mega -Rocket will be more powerful and it may put Astronauts fly to Space. This giant Rocket is capable of getting astronauts to Mars and other destinations.It is capable of lifting (143 tons) and the Final version of SLS will be 122 meters by NASA’s officials.

Although there has been some controversy and confusions about this new Mega-Rocket but recently NASA officials announced that they have completed a review of (SLS) Space Launch System, this new Mega rocket is sooner than it was expected.

The acting Administrator of NASA’s ” Robert Lightfoot ” wrote out a memo to his employees that the agency wanted a deep look and to review the technical feasibility and other resources that are needed, he shared this Idea at Orion suppliers conference at DC

The Rocket is so Big that the Sound of its Launching may damage Nearby peoples and Buildings because of the Physical waves, the back and forth vibrations may create pressure on the molecules through which sound waves can pass which is extremely dangerous for human life.

The development Schedule and funding plan have already been raised by the Government.The suggestion for this purpose may also cost some Extra Amount but they declared that they will take these suggestions into Account.

Further, a piece of hardware must be needed for the crewed flight, for EM-1 NASA is planning to fly a configure Space Launch System known as Block 1.