Gmail native offline support has been rollout for Chrome users, that can be enabled in the settings. The latest version of Chrome (i.e Chrome 61) should be installed to use this new exciting feature. 

Google recently announced a number of features for Gmail at Google I/O 2018, that is also considered as an AI makeover. These features include Smart Replies that allows you to reply to messages efficiently, Add-ons Marketplace for Gmail, easy recipients adding, redesigned web user interface, the confidential mode for Gmail accounts, Google Tasks (a standalone app), smart notifications for Gmail, and different display modes that fit your screen.

You would be glad to know about another exciting feature that is native offline support for Google Chrome Browser, that would allow the users to use specific Gmail’s features even when they are not connected to the internet. But in order to use Gmail in the offline mode, there are some conditions that need to be fulfilled. You should have the latest version of Chrome Browser i.e Chrome 61 or higher, along with that the native offline support should be manually enabled in the settings.

Before the introduction of this new feature, the Gmail web had provided offline capabilities to the users through an app called Gmail Offline Chrome app. But now you don’t need a separate app to use the offline feature, you can compose, read, search and even delete your emails while you are not connected to the internet. The updates and changes will be automatically synchronized whenever you will be connected to the internet.

Similarly, if you compose an email to be sent in the offline mode, once it has been prepared it will be kept in the outbox and will be sent whenever you have an internet connection available on your device.

Steps To Enable the Gmail Offline Mode

1- Update your browser to the latest version of Chrome if you have not already updated.

2– Activate the latest version of Gmail by navigating to Settings and now click “Try the new Gmail“.

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3– The next step is to remove the offline data by navigating to the Chrome Settings. Now navigate to Advanced>>Content Settings>>Privacy and security. Now click Cookies>>”See all cookies and site data”>> Remove all.

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4– Now you have to enable offline mail in Gmail by heading to Settings>>Offline>> Enable Offline mail. Now you will have to choose the amount of storage for the Gmail in the offline mode based on your hard drive capacity. You can store emails on your disk from the last 7,30 or 90 days from the Sync Settings. The Security section allows you decide either to keep or completely remove the offline data from your disk.

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You might be wondering if the offline data will be deleted from your disk if you change your password or log out from your account but don’t worry the data will not be deleted from your disk. The data will be deleted in that case if you disable offline mail and save the new settings. The whole process will require resynchronization that will take some time depending on your internet connection.

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