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These days everyone is connected to each other through a social media platform Whatsapp. Whatsapp groups have enabled its users to create separate groups to connect with friends, family and coworkers. Whatsapp has recently announced some new exciting features to make your communications a lot more easy and productive.

Group Description

The admin will now be able to add a description for the group that will state the guidelines, purpose and the topics to be discussed in the group. That will help the new users to understand the purpose of the group. When a new member joins the group, that description will appear at the top of the chat window. The users can set the description by clicking a short blurb that can be found under group info.

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More Control to the Admin

Previously, anyone in the group was able to change the icon of the group along with the subject and description. Many of the group members were tired of those group members who used to put stupid names and irrelevant group icons. But now the new update has given complete control to the admin, that has empowered the admin to restrict this activity.

New button for Catch up

If you had a busy that and you were not able to read for messages on the group, you might have missed some mentions or replies for you. Now you won’t miss any update anymore more a new @ button has been introduced that will allow the users to catch up with their replies or mentions by tapping on the icon at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Revoking Admin Permissions

As mentioned before this update has provided complete control to the admins as they are now able to revoke admin rights and permissions from other group members. That feature can be useful when there are multiple admins of a workgroup but the boss doesn’t want anyone of them to have the admin rights, he can simply remove his permissions.

Group leaving policy for the Admin

After the new update, now the person who has created the group can no longer leave that group. You might know some people in your circle who had a habit of creating groups adding participants and then they used to leave that group after few days. Now they will have to think before any random group.

Searching for Participants

Previously, users had to go through the complete list of participants if they had to search for any specific person in the group. You would be glad to know that the new update has solved the issue by adding a search field to browse for any specific person.

Goodbye for Good

Tired of being again and again added to the same group that you have left because of the bulk of messages and random chats? But before leaving the group you might think about being added again. Users cannot be repeatedly added to the same group that they don’t want to be a part of anymore.

These exciting new features have already been released for both iOS and Android users on 15th of May. Now it is up to you that much you are going to explore these new features.


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