Nokia going to try out android

Short Bytes: As we all know that Nokia is coming back to the smartphone industry in 2017. But the question is which operating system will come with the new smartphones. Nokia has already tried out Windows Os before, which resulted in selling the brand to Microsoft, but now Microsoft has no interests anymore in the smartphone business, Nokia is set to return.

We know that apple has very strict policies regarding its Softwares and they are not open-source so no one can modify and use them except for apple itself, which makes the free and open-source google’s Android the perfect choice for Nokia to try out android for the first time

Currently, there is no official announcement about the OS to use with the upcoming phones,but stories are circulating about two leaked prototypes phones called Nokia C1, Nokia P1 saying that the Latest android nougat will be run on these prototypes phones.

So we can say that there are chances of Nokia to try out android for the first time.

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