In this tutorial, you will learn how to recover when you forgot Kali Linux password by using Advanced options for Kali GNU/Linux from the GNU GRUB page. It will take only a minute to reset Kali Linux password.

Ethical Hackers and Security researcher mostly prefer to use kali Linux for penetration testing, because it has been build keeping in mind their needs. You can use Kali Linux by making a Live USB, with a virtual machine, or installing it with other operating as a dual boot. Over 600 power hacking tools are already installed on kali Linux, by using them you can easily find backdoors and vulnerabilities. In this short guide, you will learn to reset Kali Linux password. If you are using VMWare and ARM images then the toor is the kali Linux default password. Just in case if you don’t remember your Kali Linux password this tutorial will help you to reset it.

How to reset forgotten password of Kali Linux

Follow these four simple steps to reset the lost password of Kali Linux easily.

Step 1: Restart your Kali Linux When the GNU GRUB window appears Choose Advanced options for Kali GNU/Linux.

forgot kali linux password

Step 2: Select the Second option (recovery mode) press to enter the recovery Mode.

forgot kali linux password

Step 3: Using the arrow keys go to the ro which is in the front of ba-cab96540ae31 change ro to rw. Add init=/bin/bash at the end of initrd=/install/gtk/initrd.gz. Compare your one with the image if it looks fine then press F10 to restart your Kali Linux.

forgot kali linux password

Step 4:   Type passwd root and press Enter after root@(none):/# to reset the Kali Linux password. Now choose your new password type it two times to confirm. At the end, you will see password updated successfully. Well that’s it you have changed password of root user reboot your system.

forgot kali linux password


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  1. What about people using GNU GRUB version 2.02~beta2-36
    Those lines are very different from what i’m seeing and nobody has a good fix online


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