Reset Windows Password using Kali Linux

In this tutorial, you will learn to Reset Windows Password with Kali Linux by using a Kali Linux live USB. Using this Method you can Reset Windows XP, 7, Vista, 8, and 8.1 passwords.

All of the older versions of Windows use SAM file to store passwords and this file is located under /Windows/System32/config. If you managed to access the SAM file without booting the victim’s Computer you can easily change or reset the password. By using Kali Linux Live (forensic mode) you can get access to SAM file which contains the Windows password.

How to Reset Windows Password using kali Linux

To reset Windows password using Kali Linux, you will need Kali Linux Pendrive in order to use Live (forensic mode). Create your Kali Linux Pendrive from here

Now you have created Kali Linux Pendrive Let’s Reset Windows Password using Kali Linux.

Step# 1

Start the Victims Computer/labtop and choose Boot from USB. You will see Kali Linux Boot Menu choose the 3rd option which is Live (Forensic Mode).

Reset Windows Password using Kali Linux

Step# 2

Start Kali Linx Terminal and type cd media. To find the name of the hard drive type ls you will see Hard drive name. Now type /media/”yourhardrive”/Windows/System32/config. Or you can navigate to config folder and choose open in Terminal.

Reset Windows Password using Kali Linux

Step# 3

Here is the Screen shot which lists the SAM database file on my hard drive.

Step# 4

Type chntpw -l SAM you will get all the usernames Exist on the Windows system.

Step# 5

Select the Username and run this Command to modify the password:chntpw -u “username” SAM. In this Case, I chose Administrator to Reset its password. The command will look like this chntpw -u Administrator SAM after executing the command you will get the following Menu.

Reset Windows Password using Kali Linux

Now you can Clear user password, Edit user password, Promote user, unlock or enable the user account.

If you are using Windows 7 or above Type 1 to clear the Password. Because Changing the password does not always work on Windows 7 systems. That is it now you Know How to Reset Windows Password using Kali Linux.


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