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Google just introduced the redesigned smart Artificial Intelligence powered Google News App for iOS users. A live version already exists for the Android users on PlayStore.  

Google announced during the I/O developer conference that the old Google Play newsstand app is going to be replaced by a new smart Google News app that will have the Artificial Intelligence element. The basic aim of using machine learning is to provide tailored content specific to each reader. The app is able to provide user specific content based on learning what you read over a period of time.

The app is able to organize complex news and break it down into a format that is easily understandable for you. The developing stories are presented in a sequence, local news are presented in an aggregation, and in a chronological timeline by using machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The app has been organized into four sections and it has a clean format and layout that is appealing the users. The first section that has top five stories that have been suggested specifically to you by the app based on the previous articles read by you. Some other local news stories are also predicted by the app that you might like to read. This section is named as “For You”.

The next section named as “Headlines” is further divided into multiple sections that are the latest news, business, health, sports, technology, entertainment, covering global, US and science. When a user clicks a specific story, a wide range of content opens up on the screen that is called “Full coverage mode” that includes tweets, editorial pieces, videos, along with a timeline of events. A story is further broken down into a series of articles that appear on the screen from various sources.

The next section is “Favourites”, here you can star the articles that you like or you would like to read later. You can save your favourite news sources, text searches and locations that can be used later as per your requirement.

You might be interested to know about the last section “Newsstand”. This section has organized all the media at one place. The pages of all the organizations that are a part of this section, can be load very quickly in your mobile browser. Google is planning to provide about 1,0000 magazines in this section that the readers can follow using the app.

Subscription based content will be soon available on Google, that can be used by publication agencies to charge for their content. This feature will be called “Subscribe with Google” that will use the Google account of the particular user for subscription and payment. You will be able to use it to subscribe to your favourite news organizations either for free or charge a monthly fee to offer their web-based or printed content to the readers.

Source: Techcrunch , Google Blog



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