Spiderman? No, not that super-hero guy. Spiderman is the alias of a cyber-criminal who agreed to attack the internet for about 1 million times on a German Telecommunications Company headquartered in Bonn, formed in 1996 named Deutsche Telekom. The real name of the Hacker guy is Daniel K. accused of attacking Germany’s biggest telecom company. Cyber-attacks are increased to a significant figure in 2017. The hacker named Spiderman belonging to Great Britain was founded guilty for severe attacks on about 1 million customers of the telecommunication company.

29 years old Spiderman hacker also faced furthered cyber-criminal charge in the UK. The attack from the hacker was damaging to extent that it affected about 4.5% of Deutsche Telekom, making the numeric figure of about 900,000 customers.

“One can’t say exactly what the damages for TELEKOM are”
         – Presiding judge, Christof Wuttke.

The judge stated while handing down the sentence. The costs to Germany’s biggest telecommunication company was ample, but not “lasting”. The telecommunication company based in Germany expanded around 1 million Euros while landing the national hotline for customer’s complaint. This step was also taken to pay the security staff but the hacker managed to harm this hotline with no trouble.

Daniel K. was sentenced to Jail for 10 years. The verdict from Germany suspended the sentence for one year and eight months for attempted commercial Computer Sabotage. The prosecutors had asked for two years.

Daniel K., who is accused of having committed a cyber attack against Deutsche Telekom, covers his face as he sits in a courtroom before the verdict is announced in Cologne, Germany July 28, 2017.

Telekom estimated damages of 2 million euros (1.8 million pounds). A spokeswoman said the company was considering a civil lawsuit. “We will await the written judgment and weigh if we should go with a civil case,” spokeswoman Alexia Sailer said.

The Deutsche Telekom got damaged with 2 million Euros. A spokeswoman named Alexia Sailer said

“We will await the written judgment and weigh if we should go with a civil case,”

Alexis Sailer, the spokeswoman, acknowledged the verdict as a badge that:

“Attacks on the cyber world are going punished.”

Moreover, the Spiderman from the dark world of cyber-crime named Daniel K. in last November’16 used a variant of botnet code to attack internet routers and turn them into remotely controlled “bots” for mounting large-scale attacks that disrupted websites and computer systems. This report was delivered by the Police. This Botnet became the base of this hacking attack which speeded around the world hitting hardest to Telecommunication Company Deutsche Telekom. The hacker was arrested by the British Police in February 2017 at Luton Airport, London. He was sent to Germany for judicial trial upon the request of Germany’s Federal Criminal Police Office, charging him with selling the Botnet.

Cyber-attacks are getting puffed up in Germany. Out of every two companies based in Germany, are the victim of cyber-attacks, having the latest security measures.

Source: reuters