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TeamViewer Alternative

TeamViewer Alternative:10 Best Remote Control Applications

Here is the list of 10 Best Remote Control Applications you can use as TeamViewer Alternative. Remote Control Softwares are very useful if you are looking...
Best Free Spyware Remover

Top 10 Best Free Spyware Remover in 2018

Best Free Spyware Remover: Spyware is a type of Malware which has been created primarily to spy on you. Hackers can use Spyware to...
keylogger in notepad

How To Make a Keylogger in Notepad

In this tutorial, you will learn to create a simple Keylogger using Notepad which can log every Keystroke. Hackers use keyloggers to steal confidential...
best free data recovery software

Top 6 best free Data Recovery Software for 2018

There are many free data recovery programs that can help us to recover files that have been accidentally eliminated from our computer. Deleted files...
Android hacking apps

Top 10 best Android Hacking Apps and Tools of 2018

Pentester's and the hacker's always preferred to use Linux Operating System because it is open source and when needed they can easily modify the source...
Difference between SOAP and REST

Difference between SOAP and REST (soap vs rest web services)

SOAP is known as "Simple Object Access Protocol" and REST is known as "Representational State Transfer".  In a Simple way, these are the web services...