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Here is the list of 10 Best Remote Control Applications you can use as TeamViewer Alternative. Remote Control Softwares are very useful if you are looking for the Best TeamViewer Alternative this list will help you to choose.

TeamViewer, an application software which is used to control the workstation wirelessly from your mobile, PC or whatever you have. This application provides you to control different systems easily with extreme accessibility. It serves you in the IT department or you want to help your friend while sitting at home. Simply download the application and start working.

Guys, today we are going to talk about the substitute applications for TeamViewer. These applications are free to download. Don’t hesitate just take the step. Although, you are going to enjoy the list. There are many alternatives which give you the complete access to work easily and securely.

Top ten Best Alternatives to TeamViewer

10. Mikogo Best TeamViewer Alternative

TeamViewer Alternative

For business, Mikogo is not free. Although it works great, works as a good alternative to TeamViewer. The thing which makes this tool in this TeamViewer Alternative list is that it doesn’t require downloading a software or plugins. This is basically a browser based tool which is used to remotely control the meetings, support friends and help people in troubleshooting. You can use it for any of the remote desktop persistence. It cost a bit and is $13 a month for 3 people, $19 for 25 persons, $39 for 25 persons (unlimited host) $78 for 25 persons with 3 channels. It is Brower Based (no software downloading), can be used in document sharing, as a Presenter, to remote controlling the desktop, to chat and much more.

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9. Cisco WebEx Best TeamViewer Alternative

TeamViewer Alternative

This remote controlling the desktop software is from the tech giant CISCO. It is used in conducting meetings and the thing makes it on the list is that it is for free. You can remotely control the desktop from your mobile phone. By WebEx, the presenter can pass the authorities after finishing to other presenters. This is a smooth software from Cisco. WebEx can be used as sharing files, chatting and video streaming. This is a wild competitor of TeamViewer and can be used as TeamViewer Alternative. It features you to do video conferencing, record the meetings. It also protects the passwords and messages. It cost Free for 3 People, $24 for 8, $49 for 25 and $89 for 100 persons for one month.

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8. AMMYY Admin Best TeamViewer Alternative

AMMYY Admin, a remote desktop software used in both personal and business purposes. This tool is not much heavy and comes in a small package of 1 MB. This little tool can help you in file sharing and chat with the persons while performing the remote task. It features system administration, remote office, presentations, and chat. AMMYY is free for personal usage. The premium tool is priced at $33.90, $66.9 and $99.9.

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7. Ultra VNC Best TeamViewer Alternative

VNC is virtual network computing, the tool used for this is Ultra VNC ranked on the 7th. It is developed for windows and is totally free of cost. It gives you all the work you need from a remote control, accessible tool. File transfer to chat. Whatever you like to do is completely free on Ultra VNC. It gives you the complete access to the desktop. Ultra VNC doesn’t have any cost and is free to use.

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6. LogMeIn Pro Best TeamViewer Alternative

LogMeIn gives you the opportunity to experience the best remote control over the desktop. Whether you are an individual or use this tool for the business purpose. Your whole work is done all of the sudden from LogMeIn Pro. This serves as a really developed alternative to TeamViewer. It features everything from file transfers to full remote access over the desktop. You can share documents and do the audio video streaming. It is purchasable about $99 a year for an individual, $249 for 5 persons and $449 a year for 10 persons.

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5. SplashTop Best TeamViewer Alternative

Splashtop is both, free and paid tool for desktop control. For personal use, it is for free but it costs in the premium one for business purposes. You can set this tool on Windows as well as MAC OS and control the desired machine from your android and IOS devices. Key features of this tool are streaming audio and video, transferring files. Mainly, it is free to personal use up to 5 computers which make it 5th in the race. For 6 months it is free but after it charges $1.99 for a month (individual). It cost about $66 for a year in business purposes.

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4. Chrome Remote Desktop 

Here’s the tool everyone wished to be in the list. The Chrome Remote Desktop introduced by the Google is an alternative to TeamViewer. It doesn’t cost anything and is used as an extension on Google Chrome. It gives you the key features of files and folder access with full security. Also, it is google chrome based remote control desktop tool. It is a highly reliable tool with sleek functioning. The pricing is free.

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3. Real VNC Best TeamViewer Alternative

As mentioned about the Ultra VNC, here is another one The Real VNC. It provides the remote control over the desktop both paid and free for users. It works on the VNC technology, which is an open source technology. It is complex is using but it is a good alternative to TeamViewer. It connects more than one computers by the internet protocol addresses. It gives you the access to remote control, VNC authentication, File Transfer, Chats. It does not cost anything for Private use but costs $30/desktop for commercial use and $44/desktop for a company.

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2. Best TeamViewer Alternative is the remote desktop tool which is headed by the LogMeIn. It is used for individual as well as business purposes. Mostly runs in meetings, this remote control tool helps you to communicate with the person all around the world. It is trusted worldwide and provides you the features from mobile applications to unlimited audio. It records and can manage up to 250 persons at a time. You can swap with anybody at any point of the presentation. It is free for basic usage, costs $15 for pro plan and $19 for company usage. The rates are for monthly usage.

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1. Windows Remote Desktop Connection

This tool is totally free for all the purposes and is built into the Windows OS. You can find the Remote desktop Connection in the Control Panel. It can control multiple PC’s at a time and is absolutely free of cost. All you have to do is go to the control panel and search for Windows Remote Desktop. Start using the tool with no additional agreements or software. This tool is completely free for personal and public use. It is rated # 01 on the list of the Top 10 Best Alternatives to TeamViewer.

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Well, That’s All folks. Hope it will help you in finding the best substitute to TeamViewer. If your favorite Teamviewer alternative is not listed here let us know by commenting below.


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