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According to a new report, it is predicted that automation may lead to the loss of 800 million jobs worldwide by 2030. According to a study conducted by McKinsey Global Institute “The advances in AI and Robotics will have a drastic effect on everyday working lives, as compared to the shift away from agriculture societies during the industrial revolution”. If we just consider the impact of automation in the US, about 39 to 73 million jobs are going to be automated that will impact about a third of the workforce.

According to the experts, “With the advancement in the technology and developments in the AI most of the tasks that are being performed will be improved, changed or replaced all over the world”. Many companies are considering to use Robots in order to automate tasks that are currently being performed by humans. For example, a news from Singapore highlighted a pair of Robots that took 20 minutes to assemble an IKEA chair while Russia is considering to deliver goods using postal drones.

The AI is going to affect everyone, including the millions of graduates that are going to be passed out within a few years. Artificial intelligence is going handle a variety of tasks in the near future and the most obvious amongst all are retail operations, data analysis, sales analysis, preventive machine maintenance, transportation planning, and other complex operations including driving. You must have heard about Google self-driving cars, the technology has impressed the world despite having some flaws in the initial stages.

According to the report that was compiled by McKinsey Global Institute, technology will not act to completely destroy the jobs available in the market, by creating new jobs, redefining the existing jobs and by providing the opportunity to the existing employees to switch their careers. Managing the transition is going to be the main challenge that will be faced by this generation, who will be the middle-aged professionals at that time.

Now the main concern is how you are going to prepare yourself for transition in the future? The impact of Artificial Intelligence is going to increase in the job market by eliminating the less creative jobs first. So you have to prepare yourself for a change in the career path by keeping your knowledge up to date. A lot of new jobs will be created, that we cant even think of right now.

“Love is what differentiates us from AI”, stated by Kai-Fu Lee a former, Google, Apple and Microsoft employee who has a speciality in Artificial Intelligence. He emphasized on creating more jobs that require love, creativity and compassion. AI Robots are programmed by humans to perform their tasks, so they can never replace humans. We have the imagination, creativity and compassion that is required by most of the jobs including artists, research analysts, scientists, teachers, caretakers and CEO. Try performing some research on the current industry trends and the upcoming career opportunities. Expand your knowledge and try to find out how you can incorporate AI into your career path and use the problem-solving capabilities AI provides. We can say that the automation is not going to be a complete disaster, it depends on you how you are going to minimize its impact on your career.

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