Best Free Spyware Remover

Best Free Spyware Remover: Spyware is a type of Malware which has been created primarily to spy on you. Hackers can use Spyware to collect your personal information, Credit Card details, banking details, and any other online activity. Spyware is a hidden software you don’t know when it has been installed on your Computer and collecting your personal information. Spyware can send your information remotely to the hacker using the internet.

A good Example of Spyware is a Keylogger which can run in the background and stores sensitive data like Passwords, Credit Card details, Bank Details by collecting keystrokes. You have to use Spyware removal tool to detect and clean Spywares.

Here is the list of Top 10 Best Free Spyware Remover in 2018.

#1 MalwareBytes Best Free Spyware Remover

Best Free Spyware Remover

Malwarebytes is one of the best Free Spyware Remover available for Windows, MacOS, and Android Os. , it was first released in January 2006. It is available in a free version, which scans for and removes malware when started manually, and a paid version, which additionally provides scheduled scans, real-time protection, and a flash memory scanner.MBAM is primarily a scanner that scans and removes malicious software, including rogue security software, adware, and spyware. MBAM scans in batch mode, rather than scanning all files opened, reducing interference if another on-demand anti-malware software is also running on the computer.

Download: Malwarebytes


#2 BitDefender Best Free Spyware Remover

Best Free Spyware Remover

The Bitdefender products include anti-virus and anti-spyware capabilities against Internet security threats such as viruses, Trojans, rootkits, rogues, “aggressive adware,” spam and others, and that their applications include web protection, cloud antispam, firewall, a vulnerability scanner, parental controls, file encryption, device anti-theft and backup for corporate and home users.

Download: Bitdefender 

#3 Avast Best Free Spyware Remover

Best Free Spyware Remover

Avast is one of the popular antiviruses with 400 million users it is one of the best Best Free Spyware Remover for you.  It is a Lightweight, state-of-the-art protection that won’t slow down your PC. Avast Free Antivirus has been redesigned to be easier to use while staying light on your PC. It offers proprietary, cutting-edge CyberCapture technology that finds and stops unknown files, as well as improved Wi-Fi Inspector which can identify even more weak points in your router. It also features SafeZone, the world’s most secure browser, and an enhanced Game Mode which turns off background checks and updates to maximize your gaming experience.

Download: Avast


#4 Avg Best Free Spyware Remover

Best Free Spyware Remover

AVG features most of the common functions available in modern anti-virus and Internet security programs, including periodic scans, scans of sent and received emails (including adding footers to the emails indicating this), the ability to “repair” some virus-infected files, and a quarantine area (“virus vault”) in which infected files are held.

Download: AVG

#5 McAfee

Best Free Spyware Remover


McAfee Antivirus Plus 2017 provides complete Anti-virus, Anti-spyware, and Anti-malware. Relentless security software scans and blocks dangerous emails, risky web content, and online threats like viruses, Trojans, spyware, and rootkits. McAfee Active Protection immediately looks at suspicious material and determines its risk to help keep your computer secure. Extra layers of Internet security software block bad guys breaking in or sneaking out with your personal information. This traffic cop patrols nonstop to prevent malicious software from gaining access to your PC.


Download: McAfee

#6 SUPERAntiSpyware Best Free Spyware Remover

Best Free Spyware Remover

 SuperAntiSpyware will remove all the spyware, not just the easy ones. Quick, complete and custom scanning of hard drives, removable drives, memory, registry, or individual folders. Includes trusting items, and excluding folders for complete customization of scanning. Detect and remove spyware, adware, malware, Trojans, dialers, worms, key loggers, hijackers, parasites, root kits and many other types of threats. Light on system resources and won’t slow down your computer. Repair broken internet connections, desktops, registry editing. Real-time blocking of threats. Prevent potentially harmful software from installing or re-installing. SuperAntiSpyware free version does not include real-time protection, scheduled scanning and automatic updates.

Download:  SuperAntiSpyware

#7 SpywareBlaster Best Free Spyware Remover

Best Free Spyware Remover


SpywareBlaster doesn’t scan for and clean spyware–it prevents it from being installed in the first place. SpywareBlaster prevents the installation of ActiveX-based spyware, adware, dialers, browser hijackers, and other potentially unwanted programs. It can also block spyware/tracking cookies in IE, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape, and many other browsers, and restrict the actions of spyware/ad/tracking sites. With the built-in Check for Updates feature, you can help ensure your protection is up-to-date. SpywareBlaster also includes a System Snapshot feature, which lets you take a snapshot of your computer in its clean state and later revert, undoing many changes made by spyware and browser hijackers.

Download:  SpywareBlaster 

#8 ComboFix (Windows, Freeware) Best Free Spyware Remover

Best Free Spyware Remover

Combofix is a smart spyware and malware removal application known for its speed and effectiveness. It performs in-depth scans that in addition to being short, always result in a complex cleaning process or a detailed report of the analysis.

Download: Combofix

#9 Symentic Best Free Spyware Remover

Best Free Spyware Remover

Symantec provides solutions to help individuals and enterprises assure the security, availability, and integrity of their information. Headquartered in Cupertino, California, Symantec has operations in more than 40 countries. Symantec’s Norton brand of consumer security solutions delivers Internet security and problem-solving capabilities to individual users, home offices, and small businesses.

Download: Symantec

#10 Spybot Search & Destroy (Windows, Freeware)

Best Free Spyware Remover


Spybot – Search & Destroy can detect and remove a multitude of adware files and modules from your computer. Spybot also can clean program and Web-usage tracks from your system, which is especially useful if you share your computer. Modules chosen for removal can be sent directly to the included file shredder, ensuring complete elimination from your system. For advanced users, it allows you to fix Registry inconsistencies related to adware and to malicious program installations. The handy online-update feature ensures that Spybot always has the most current and complete listings of adware, dialers, and other uninvited system residents.




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