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The Scottish Government has been smashed by two discrete “ransomware” cyber-attacks in the previous year, with cyber-criminal directing official processers and looking to extort money.

The struggled attacks were of a parallel type to the WannaCry which pretentious 47 NHS trusts in England and Wales and 11 NHS boards in Scotland in May.

Scottish Government orator said.

“In common with other large organizations, the Scottish Government faces a continual and evolving threat of cyber-attacks”

The occurrences were exposed by the Scottish Government following a Freedom of Information (FOI) appeal about the numeral of cyber-attacks it had charted in the previous three years.

In the years 2016/17, it is chronicled two incidents concerning ransomware, which sees hackers misusing software flaws to take over computer systems and encrypt subtle data.

The incident in September last year caused in the SAAS (Student Awards Agency Scotland) provisionally dangling its application processing, but no data opening happened. The other ransomware attack involved the National Records of Scotland, which was involuntary to temporarily close its Scotland People family history service in last year in the month of March which was the result of the incident.

In their answer, officials admitted that the definite number of cyber attacks pointing Scottish Government computers may be greater, stated that

“Not always possible to identify or record unsuccessful incidents”.

Most of these are likely to be moderately minor, such as “phishing” emails or messages comprising viruses.

The Scottish narrator said

“In common with other large organizations, the Scottish Government faces a continual and evolving threat of cyber attacks, and we take our cyber security very seriously,”

He also added that

“Scottish Government networks, systems, and websites are constantly monitored and any identified attack is automatically assessed and prioritized based on its threat profile, and dealt with accordingly.”

The Freedom of Information (FOL) response also displayed how Scotland’s economics is dealing with cyber attacks, which got higher and climbed from £600,000 in 2015/16 to £829,000 this year 2017. It was investigated that computer systems of lots of UK public bodies, including infirmaries and councils, have been broken by cyber criminals as much as 400 times in the last three years. The figure of cyber crime was investigated by police thru the UK has also increased by nearly 90 per cent in the last year.

A digital spokesman named Finlay Carson said that

“This shows hackers have targeted the Scottish Government at least twice, and that’s something everyone should be concerned about”

Spokesman, Finlay Carson

Also stated that

“In light of recent high profile attacks, it’s essential ministers ensure the government has the very best protections against this kind of threat because it’s likely these attacks will be attempted again in future.”

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