A chief US cyber defense company has proclaimed that it has joined hands with the Israeli Electric Corporation (IEC), in an exertion to apply Israeli know-how in averting the cyber attacks to the United States of America.

A company named CyberReadyUSA contracted a deal with an Israeli cyber company named CyberGym which is actually a partner of the IEC, to set up a drilling facility in the United States in a directive to train public sector employees in how to pawn hacking attacks from the dark hacking world. The facility is arranged to be constructed in late 2017.

Chairman of IEC, Major General Yiftach Ron-Tal admired the step and said

“ICE in universal and CyberGym, in specific, are pleased that an American corporation of the caliber of CyberReadyUSA, who suggestion facilities to a variety of clienteles in the field of cyber defense, have selected to work with an Israeli company.”

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Yiftach Ron-Tal, Director Electric Corporation
The unbiased of the partnership between the two advanced technology companies is to aid the US company’s clienteles to be prepared as much as possible for the next cyber-attack intended at their amenities. The new partnership will provide the users a safe policy for handling with cyber-attacks in future.

Israel has long been an underdog and considered as a world leader in cyber resistance. A new report by the New York data firm CB put Israel as the country owning the uppermost attention of cyber protection firms in the world, after the United States. Most recently, Israel dissatisfied a huge cyber attacked backed up by Iran in April 2017, which aimed about 120 organizations.

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