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With the advancement in the computer vision, artificial intelligence, cameras, and voice activation technology, many big names are working on the production of intelligent robots. A lot of companies are manufacturing home robots, that will help us in performing our daily tasks. It seems like we are very near to producing affordable home robots that will be accessible to the mainstream users. Amazon is one of them, by establishing the appeal of reading on a digital device with the introduction of Kindle. Millions of people started talking to computer four years ago, as Echo was rolled out by Jeff Bezos and company.

Bloomberg has reported, “Robots for the home” is the next big venture of Amazon that is still kept as a secret. The details are not disclosed by Amazon as per now, and the spokesperson refused to comment about the project by declaring the news as a rumor and speculations. But Amazon has already started hiring for multiple positions that are open on the Lab 126 careers page. The positions are opened for multiple fields including Robotics, Software Engineering and Sensor Engineers.

Amazon has started the development of robots under the code that is named as “Vesta” that is named after the Roman goddess of the hearth, family, and home. Amazon’s Lab 126 is behind the production of this project, that is lead by Greg Zehr. This is the same team that has worked on other famous projects including Fire TV, Echo speakers, Fire tablets and the failed Fire phone project. By the end of this year, Amazon plans to deploy the home robots in the employee’s home for testing purposes and as per the plans, the product will be available for sale in 2019.

The performance and features of the Amazon robot are still unclear, as speculated the robot might be similar to mobile Alexa that will help the consumers at their homes where Echo devices are not available to them. Just similar to the self-driving cars, the robot is said to have computer vision software and an advanced camera that will be used for navigation. Specialized mechanical engineers have been hired from the robotics industry while the computer vision is lead by a former Apple executive Max Paley.

The project is not similar to the robots that were designed by Amazon Robotics that were deployed in the Amazon stores for moving goods. Amazon has also planned to provide the robots on subsidized prices for their prime subscribers along with those subscribers who have subscribed to the services using the gadgets. Millions of users are pretty excited about this project and interested in buying Alexa robots.

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Source: Bloomberg


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