best nintendo 3ds emulator

Here is the list of Best 3ds emulator for Nintendo games lovers. You can play and enjoy NDS games with the help of these best Nintendo 3ds emulator on your Pc. 

An emulator is hardware device or software program which let the user use one computer as a host and the other computer as a guest. The main functioning of the emulator is to run software from host system on the guest system designed for it. Today here we will discuss best Nintendo 3ds emulator for PC and android which will aid you to play games on your PC without any error or difficulty. Remember the main function of the emulator is to perform graphical interchange between the host and the guest. These are used in playing Nintendo games on PC and these emulators are helpful in game development also.

Here is the list of best Nintendo 3ds emulator for pc

1. Citra

best nintendo 3ds emulator

The most popular and giving user the best experience named Citra is a program that enables the user to contact 3DS games on PC. It is one of the favorite emulators out there without any error. It is written in C++.

Features & Requirements:

  • With constantly improving, Citra is one the top of the list. It is highly compatible with the computer.
  • As it is an open source DS emulator which works on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux
  • It also offers features like better visual output, debugging homebrew with planned controller support.
  • It requires OpenGL version 3.3 or above. It was started in early 2014, requires the 64-bit processor to work smoothly.

You can download it here for free

2. No$GBA

best nintendo 3ds emulator

This Nintendo emulator is originally for free but due to some recent updates and issues, now you can buy the latest updates with the medium amount. It is Game Boy Advanced emulator available for Windows Vista and Windows XP. The latest update came just 7 days ago on 23 July 2017.

Features & Requirements:

1.  No$GBA is the best emulator of early age with 2006 release.

2. It is now capable of running both commercial and homebrew games.

3. This is up to date and maintained emulator with an initial release in March 2002 by Martin Korth.

Download link

3. iDeaS

best nintendo 3ds emulator

iDeaS is a DS emulator with good compatibility rate. It works on Windows computer. The plugins for iDeaS are available on its official download page but got expired back in 2012

Features & Requirements:

1. It supports dual screen process at 99% enabling many ROMs, including many games.

2. The updates are increasing day by day. It can run few games already.

3. iDeaS use plugins system from the Ultra-HLE Nintendo 64 emulator.

Download link

4. 3DMOO

best nintendo 3ds emulator

3DMOO is another free open source 3ds games emulator developed by the skillful DS developers. Right now, it is not accessible to download officially but you can find files related to it on different websites like GitHub etc.

Features & Requirements:

1. It is developed by the skillful DS developers.

2. 3DMOO is well-suited with Windows and Linux but can get crashed frequently.

3. It was released in mid of 2014 and the last updated on 24 February 2015.

Check it out on Github

5. TronDS

best nintendo 3ds emulator

This 3DS emulator is an underdog with not much of popularity. It is known to only a few people. It is not modernized from a long time and is very rickety. TronDS was initially released on May 28, 2014, for Windows. It was written in C# language.

Features & Requirements:

1. It is only capable of running homebrew games meaning it cannot run many games in the market.

2. Its current version is v1.0.0.5.

3. The last update for this emulator came back in early 2015.

Download link

6. NeonDS

best nintendo 3ds emulator

NeonDs is a 3DS Emulator that runs on all Windows version and works great with most of the games in the market. It is fairly a friendly emulator.

Its latest version is 0.2.1 and was updated on 5/26/2011.

Features & Requirements:

1.You can get this emulator for free.

2.It only supports the English language for all user.

3.NeonDS is a fairly light game emulator with small storage space.

4.It’s very heavily used in countries like United States, India, and Israel. This is one of the most successful portable consoles.

Check Official Website

7. DeSmuME:

best nintendo 3ds emulator

DeSmuME is a free DS emulator for Windows PC. It is the first Nintendo DS emulator to play some viable collection of games. The name of this emulator is derived from emu = emulator, DD and ME. It was stably released in 2015, 2 years from now. The original emulator was made in French.

Features & Requirements:

1.  It is a handful of Wireless Multi-boot demo ROMs.

2. It has user translations to English as well as other languages.

3. The DeSmuMe emulator works with Windows XP or Above, Linux OS with recent distribution (2.6 kernels), 2.0 GHz Central

4. Processing Unit with Core 2 Duo and 1 Gigabyte of Ram.

Check Official Website

These are the best Nintendo 3ds emulator for pc now check out these apps for Android:

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